• CyberLock E-Cylinders: Smart Locks that are easy to install

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    CyberLock E-Cylinders: Smart Locks that are easy to install.

    Learn more about CyberLock at https://www.cyberlock.com

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    About CyberLock:

    CyberLock, Inc. is the leading supplier of key-centric access control systems. It is part of the Videx family of companies with roots dating back to 2000 when the first CyberLock branded locks and smart keys were introduced to the market.
    Videx, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing innovative electronics since the company was founded in Corvallis, Oregon in 1979. Early products included display enhancement modules for Apple computers. In 1985, Videx entered the data collection industry with its first portable bar code scanner. Over the years, additional data collectors have been introduced utilizing touch memory button and RFID tag technologies.
    In 2013, CyberLock, Inc. was spun off as an independent company but maintains strong ties to Videx. The two companies continue to collaborate on future innovations.

    0:00 Inside a CyberLock E-cylinder is complex electronic circuitry but on the outside, we keep it simple.
    0:08 CyberLock E-cylinders are easy to install. Just replace the mechanical lock core in your existing hardware with the matching CyberLock E-cylinder.
    0:26 With over 350 lock designs and an engineering team at the ready, we can help you find the lock that's right for you.
    0:33 Whether it's a standard door cylinder, a cabinet lock or even a padlock, CyberLock E-cylinders don't require any wiring at the lock so you can control access at all you're locking points. Even those hard to secure remote locations.

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    CyberLock Electronic Access Control:
    CyberLock is a key-centric access control system designed to increase security, accountability, and key control throughout your organization. Based on a unique design of electronic lock cylinders and programmable smart keys, CyberLock solves security problems that no other system can.

    Versatile: Control Access to Every Asset:
    CyberLock cylinders are easily deployed not only on doors, but also on gates, trucks, shipping containers, and other mobile and remote assets. Full access control is now possible on assets previously restricted to only mechanical locks and keys.

    Cost Effective: Eliminate Expensive Cabling:
    Electronic cylinders are installed without power or wiring making setup and installation quick, easy, and affordable. The batteries in the CyberKey smart keys energize the CyberLock cylinders, bypassing the need to install and maintain expensive wiring.

    Superior Key Control: Re-Key Electronically:
    Keys are programmed with access permissions for each individual user. If a key is lost, it can easily be deactivated in the system, eliminating the need to re-key.
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    FlashLock - Access in a Flash.

    - Grant access via text or email
    - Grant temporary or ongoing access
    - Works with any smartphone
    - No app to download
    - No Bluetooth to pair
    - Infrared key fob is also available

    FlashLock is designed to put access control in the palm of your hand. FlashLock uses serial optical communications technology combined with any hand-held device with a web browser to issue and receive access to any lock retrofitted with the FlashLock system. There is no Bluetooth to pair and no app to download, saving battery life and making FlashLock compatible with any smart device.

    FlashLock is secure and easy to use. Anyone can receive temporary access or ongoing scheduled access via permissions sent by text or email. Once users access the link, the screen of the hand-held device will flash. This tells them they are allowed to access this FlashLock. They hold the phone to the lock and the lock will flash. Turn the lock and entry is granted. If customers want to adjust or remove permissions, there is a user-friendly, web-based interface to make those changes at any time. No need to worry about lost or stolen keys or poor security due to multiple copies of keys. With FlashLock, your handheld cellular device is your key. There is also an infrared key fob available for everyday use.

    Applications for FlashLock are limitless! It is an ideal solution for residential or vacation homes, college dorms, apartments, hotels, churches, and more. FlashLock allows owners of residential facilities to control who enters what space at what time.

    As with all CyberLock products, FlashLock is made in the USA.
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