Growing your channel Growing your channel

Growing your channel

For Creators who are looking to take their channels to the next level but aren’t sure where to start, this is for you. We’ll take you deeper into analytics, explain the science behind search, and more.

How to reach your audience

Want to know why your recent video is blowing up? Understanding the way your viewers find your videos can help. Learn how YouTube makes recommendations and what factors influence your impressions.

How to reach your audience How to reach your audience

"Be bold and trust in your creative spirit. Others will be inspired, too."


Insider tip: our algorithm doesn’t pay attention to videos, it pays attention to viewers. So, rather than trying to make videos that’ll make an algorithm happy, focus on making videos that make your viewers happy.

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Get Creator Tips to learn what your viewers are watching

We track what viewers watch, how long they watch, what they skip over, and more. This helps us figure out what kind of videos they like best and what we can recommend to them next.

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Things like how long your videos are and how often you post are what we’d call programming. Learn some tips about what tends to work best for attracting and entertaining viewers, how to build a content calendar, and more.

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Use data to make decisions

Taking a closer look at your channel’s analytics can help you make it better. Use data to get to know your audience and their watching habits, spot opportunities to make money, and more.

With more filters to group and organize your videos, Advanced Mode helps you dig into trends like what type of content your viewers interact with most, what video length works best, and more.

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Audience analytics can tell you things like what time of day your viewers are on YouTube and if they are new or returning fans, all so you can get strategic about when and how you post future content.

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Using analytics can help you monetize your channel. Using metrics like Cost Per Mille (CPM) and Revenue Per Mille (RPM) can help you understand how advertisers value your content or how much you’re earning per view.

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Keep your content fresh

Even if you have a loyal audience, there’s always the chance you are missing viewers who would love your channel. Here are some tools and tips that can help you attract new viewers and more of them.

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Collaborations are a great way to connect with other Creators, learn new skills, and find more fans for your channel. Get tips on how to choose collaborators and make the most of what you create together.

Tips on collaborations

YouTube Live is all about connecting with fans in more meaningful ways. If you qualify, you can enable live streaming from your phone, webcam, or with an encoder in order to let your fans into your life in real time.

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It’s not always an easy decision, but sometimes a pivot in your channel’s content is necessary. Making sure you’re doing it strategically can set you up for success.

Tips for pivots

If you don’t want to change your main channel, you can always start a secondary channel. This lets you experiment with new types of formats without risking alienating your fans.

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Creative burnout is real. Prioritize your well-being by having an honest look at the things that matter most: balance, down time, having fun, and how far to push your creative genius.

Tips on well-being

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