• How To Rap: Structuring Lyrics

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    How To Rap: Structuring Lyrics

    One of the most common issues I see up and coming rappers face who are learning how to rap is not having structured lyrics. In this article I will explain what structured lyrics are, why they are important and how you can ensure your lyrics are structured from here on out.

    So let's start off with what the word structure means in the first place. Structure: coherent form or organization.

    let's also take a gander at the word "Coherent". Coherent: logical and well-organized : easy to understand. able to talk or express yourself in a clear way that can be easily understood. working closely and well together.

    And also a look at the word "Organization" Organization: the act or process of putting the different parts of something in a certain order so that they can be found or used easily

    Now that we have gotten that out of the way hopefully you can understand why having structured lyrics is so important for the following reasons.

    Your lyrics are well organized
    Your lyrics work closely and well together
    Your lyrics have patterns so others can follow along easily
    And so that you can rap your lyrics repetitively and consistently the same way.

    A few indications that lyrics are unstructured are as follows

    Lack of rhythmic pattern
    Lack of rhyme scheme pattern
    Bars don't begin and end evenly or have any structured format of length in musical time
    Inability to rap verses the same way repetitively
    Certain parts of the lyrics are being crammed into each other and loose clarity

    In order to have structured lyrics you must first establish your 4 count which is to say "1,2,3,4" in time with the tempo. Each bar contains 4 quarter notes. Within each quarter note section is 4 16th notes. Remember the kick typically falls on the 1st & 3rd quarter note and the snare typically falls on the 2nd and 4th quarter note. If you are having trouble getting the timing of your count right try saying 1 milly 2 milly 3 milly 4 milly. This technique allows you to fill in all 4 of the 16th notes of each quarter note section by sustaining the number being said for two 16th notes followed by milly which is two syllables which takes up the two remaining 16th notes of the quarter note section.

    Maintaining the 4 count is just as important as establishing it.
    Once you maintain the 4 count it's time to start scatting and building a cadence around it followed by lyrics. I've also created "Bar Sheets" to aid you in structuring your lyrics in musical time.

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