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    To learn more about how a signal booster can help you solve your dropped calls visit https://www.weboost.com/us/.

    We’ve all been there, in the middle of the best conversation ever and then… silence. It’s dead on the other end. Everyone drops calls and no one wants to but what can you do? Why do you drop calls anyway?

    There are many reasons you might be dropping a calls. When you get too far from a cell tower your phone can’t communicate all the way back and thus you can’t connect. But that isn’t the only reason outdoors, hills and trees can block the signal from reaching your phone as well.

    And just because you’re in a bustling city that doesn’t mean you’re free from dropped calls and slow data speeds. Buildings and structures all block cellular signal and keep it from getting to your phone.

    Unless you’re cruising along in a convertible, the metal body and even window tint in your vehicle can block your signal and keep you from maintaining a reliable connection.

    So what’s the solution apart from standing in an open field near a cell tower for the rest of your life? That’s where we come in, weBoost that is! To overcome these pesky obstacles we've developed a cellular signal booster with specially tuned antennas and patented automatic gain control to give you stronger more reliable signals.

    Let's say there's a weak signal from a cell tower that’s really far away. An antenna you install outside picks up the signal from the cell tower and amplifies it. Then an second interior antenna you install invites that strong to come hang out inside with your weak phone signal.

    Not to brag, but our boosters are #1 in the U.S. and Canada, boost signals up to 32 times stronger, and have been trusted by first responders for years.

    In the end, a boosted signal means boosted spirits.

    So with solutions indoors or on the go, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and let us give you a boost! Show less
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    How do cell phone signal booster work? What do they do? How can you boost your cell signal? These videos will help you understand what a signal booster does and how it can help you get more reliable calls and blazing fast data speeds.

    In a nutshell a signal booster works by taking the weak signal from a cell tower that is far away and amplifying it. This is done by capturing that weak signal on the outside of your building or car/truck or RV through an antenna. The antenna passes that weak signal inside to the booster which then amplifies the signal and broadcasts it out through an inside antenna. Your phone can then connect the the boosted signal and communicate.

    The booster then takes the signal from your phone and does the same process in reverse sending a stronger signal back to the cell tower.

    Think you're safe because you live in a city where there are cell towers on every corner? Think again! All that metal and concrete used in buildings blocks signals from coming through and reaching your phone. A signal booster takes the signal outside and invites it in to hang out with your phone. Then ushers the signal back out when you make a call.

    So now you have a better idea of what a signal booster does. Want to know more? Visit us online at https://www.weboost.com/us/
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    Don't take our word for it. See what others say about our boosters.
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    If you're a trucker and spend all day in your cab you need to remain connected no mater where the road takes you. The Drive 4G-X OTR is designed specifically for the needs of today's modern trucker. Boost your data speeds and stay connected at even the most remote of truck stops.

    Here are just a few of drivers who have installed the Drive 4G-X OTR on their rig. Check out what they have to say.
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    Do you have a question on how to install your cell phone signal booster in your car truck or RV? Wondering how to run your cable into your home, office, cabin or cottage? What exactly do the lights on a signal booster mean?

    weBoost is here to help, check here to find answers to to your signal booster questions. We come out with a new video each week so check back often and subscribe to see all of our new videos and stay up to date.
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    How do you stay connected in your home or office? Easy, with a cell phone signal booster. You may not know it but all of the metal, concrete and even window tint used in buildings blocks cellular signal from passing through. Essentially making your home or office a dead zone. Even if you have a strong signal outside chances are that going inside your phone can still loose connection.

    A weBoost signal booster captures the signal outside through an antenna amplifies the signal through the booster and broadcasts the strong signal inside through an inside antenna. When you make a call the process is reversed and the signal from your phone is boosted and sent back to the cell tower.

    If you live in a cabin, cottage or remote location the signal booster not only brings the signal inside but boosts it allowing you to stay connected in areas you wouldn't be able to otherwise.

    Want to learn more about how a weBoost signal booster can help you? Watch these videos or visit us online https://www.weboost.com/us/
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    A signal booster keeps you connected wherever the road takes you. Whether you're taking the family minivan to the pool, off roading in your truck, or road tripping across the country in your RV we've got a solution for you.

    A signal booster takes the weak signal from the cell tower, captures it through an outside antenna and amplifies it then broadcasts that stronger signal in your car, truck or RV using an inside antenna. Then when your phone sends a signal back the booster does the same thing in reverse and sends a stronger signal back to the cell tower so you can stay connected.

    Even if you stay in the city, the metal body of your vehicle and even the window tint block the cell signal from reaching you. A cell phone signal booster can help you stay connected.

    Want to learn more about how you can stay connected on the go? Watch our videos here or visit us online https://www.weboost.com/us/
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    We'll walk you through how to install your signal booster in your home, office, car, truck or RV.

    We won't leave you alone when it comes to the install. Take a look at these videos to learn how to install your signal booster whether you're installing it in your home or office or in a car truck or RV. We're here to help.
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