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    - Ho-Oh: Since Ash started his journey, he is often seeing Ho-Oh (specially when he gets back to Pallet Town). Also in the 20th Pokémon movie, Ash shown an interest in Ho-Oh (even if this movie is in a parallel world).
    -Latias: From the 4th movie, where Ash becomes a friend of a Latias that can turn herself into humans.
    -Azelf: From the anime, where it's shown that Ash and him share a connection.
    -Rayquaza Shiny: From the 18th movie, where Hoopa calls many legendaries to help in a fight, one of them is a Shiny Rayquaza. Ash commands this Rayquaza for a time during the movie.
    -Nebby/Solgaleo: Ash is taking care of Nebby in the anime and Nebby is probably going to evolve into Solgaleo. So, for Ash's team, I would like Ash staying with Solgaleo.
    -Tapu Koko: It is often seeing Ash and is really interested in the boy. Ash could have this one, but the question is: "Will be there another Tapu Koko to take care of Melemele Island?"

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