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    2016 marks the sixth year that I will be embarking on an annual online video project. Over the years I’ve found myself considering the online world more when I develop a yearly theme. There is no doubt that social media is firmly embedded into the fabric of our lives and has expanded the ways we communicate with each other. This year I am looking into the world of polling and how social media has influenced the way we traditionally engage with public voting, even though my first poll advised me against it – “should I use social media polling to create my video project for 2016?” 36% said “yes”, whereas 64% said “no”. I decided to ignore this.

    Social media polling or poll apps seem to be more about public engagement and a means to discover people’s opinions, not simply yes/no responses. Although there are polling apps that require the user to have a number of followers, the more interesting ones are anonymous and open to everyone. Most of the questions I’ve encountered are quite innocuous and do not require more than a second’s thought. But the difference between social media polling and conventional polls is the exchange of comments the question can evoke. I encourage you to have a peek into the world of online polling. Each month new poll questions will be available on this site, via PollDaddy but for a wider range of polls check out Pyne. You can find me at @midio.
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    2013. I predict this is going to be one lucky year. One free of economic cliffs, gun violence and war in the Middle East. We need to think positive because the only thing that stops positive thinking is negative thinking or something like that. But here are a few of my predictions:
    • I see a rise in the number of Americans crossing the Canadian border to indulge in their Twinkie fix.
    • I predict that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will decide that she likes dogs after all and because of this change in heart she will be re-elected.
    • Exousia Gold Luxury Water that sells for $24,000 a bottle will be caught in an "urine into water" scandal yet will bounce back with mass marketed machine that will allow people to DIY.

    For 2013, my new project focuses on classified ads and the usual items that people post. Inspired by various sources I will choose a category and create a vidoodle based on one of the ads. I will also be posting my own classifieds online, all over North America, so if you happen to be hunting for a bargain you just might stumble upon one of my ads. For this project we're launching a new mobile site, http://www.vidoodles.com that is designed for watching videos on your mobile device, the ideal viewing situation.
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    To view up to date weekly movie posts, please visit www.midionodera.com!

    As a V.2 television baby, (version 2: Colour TV) I was deeply influenced by the pop culture living room entertainment of my youth. Way back in the early 1970s, ABC took the concept of big screen entertainment and repackaged it for the prime time TV audience. These made-for-TV movies ran the gamut from science fiction to cop dramas to historical fictions. Some of my all-time favorite movies of the week were the pilot episodes for Marcus Welby, M.D., The Six Million Dollar Man and Get Christie Love! By far the best movie of the bunch was The Girl Most Likely to starring Stockard Channing as an unattractive women who survives a horrible car accident and undergoes radical plastic surgery, becoming gorgeous in the process. After her transformation she takes revenge on all the men who tormented her in her past.

    But no matter what the movie of the week was, it was opening title sequence with the stunning soundtrack by Burt Bacharach that set the tone for this popcorn-eating television extravaganza. For 2009 Ive decided to pay tribute to this golden age of TV and make my own movies of the week. In contrast to the larger than life entertainment moments, my versions are designed for todays ipod audiences, quick, easy to consume and hopefully a tiny distraction from our everyday routines and obligations.
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