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    Welcome to Symbiotic Solutions!

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    Watch this video to learn what we're all about. :)

    Video Transcription:

    My name is Raini and I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful dear wife, Anna. By dear, I mean... There she is. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, but recently packed 3 bags, hopped on a plane and moved to Curitiba Brazil to start a new life with Anna. One thing you might find interesting about us is that we eat a fruit-based raw vegan diet... It consists of fruits, some vegetables and occasionally a few nuts and seeds all eaten in their natural raw state. I've eaten this way for 8 years, with a few slip-ups.w I absolutely love the way I feel, look, and function on it. Eating this way helps us feel great, not only because we're healthy, but because we know our food choices aren't contributing to the destruction of the environment or the unnecessary exploitation, suffering, and death of innocent animals. When we say we love animals, it's not just words. We choose everyday to live in line with our love and compassion folr these beautiful beings. After all, they exist for their own reasons, and their lives no less important than out own. In today's world, it's normal to selectively see grace, and charm in some animals while seeing nothing but a meal in others. We think this is downright insane, and have simply decided to stop doing it. Don't get me wrong though, this diet is not a sacrifice, it's a pleasure. Anyone who's tried the fruit-based diet has quickly realized how amazing our bodies are meant to feel, and how well they're meant to function. The standard american diet and lifestyle are really holding us back. It's destroying not only our health, but the planet, as well. It's no secret that we humans have made quite the mess, but strangely enough, Many of the methods we desperately need to put into practice, in order to clean up this mess, have been kept a bit of a secret by the people in power. We've become distracted, and as a result, weve lost sight of what really matters in life. Our environmental foundation is collapsing, but we're pretending we're too busy to do something about it. Meanwhile, the future of our children is at stake.

    We have been born into an absolutely magnificent world, and in exciting times. Things are changing. We've gone from spending our lives in nature, to having all available information at our fingertips. Education is power. People are waking up. It's going to take a lot more than just protesting... Or just recycling.. Or wheatgrass juice.

    We've got to zoom out and see the larger picture. We're here now, but we
    Must always remember where we came from. Most of us are so disconnected from nature, it has separated us from a vital part of ourselves. We and many others have found that reestablishing ourselves
    with our true nature is rewarding beyond measure.
    Here at symbiotic solutions, we'll be sharing the keys to a bright present and future, we'll make it clear why they don't teach you about them in school, and you'll see how they fit into a happy, healthy, high energy, eco friendly, and fulfilling life.

    So, please subscribe if you haven't already, and together, we'll get this revolution started.


    Special thanks to Smoke Noises, & TurnStyle Films for their junk food footage.

    Special thanks to The Poverty-Environment Initiative for their footage from the video "Indonesia tracks spending on Climate Change mitigation."

    Special Thanks to New Internationalist for their footage from the video "Climate Change: What’s Really Been Going On (And How We Can Solve It)"

    All footage that was not my own were used from videos who have a Creative Commons BY attribution license. Show less
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