• How to Open the Pineal Gland? 3. Eye How to clean? Heart Eye

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    How does the pineal gland open? How to clean the third eye? Heart eye opening work cleaning with simple recipes! What happens if the curtain lifts? The pineal gland and pituitary gland difference! 3. Eye activation DMT melatonin hormone.

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    What is the Pineal Gland? Where is it located and what does it do? Is it cleaned? What is the medicine? All the recipes and tips that you can prepare yourself easily .. We answer all your questions with this video, as well as the smallest details to watch the video carefully even the smallest detail I recommend to pay particular attention.

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    How to Clean the Pineal Gland? What is Mind Eye Medicine? How does eye 3 open? How is the pineal gland made? clues unknown.

    The Pineal Gland is a "pineal gland" in English, but it is often referred to as the third eye and the mental eye is also referred to as the heart eye. How to clean, what is the medicine, we have compiled for you questions such as tips for cleaning. We have put together simple and simple methods that you can do at home. With this video and simple recipes you will apply at home, you can easily use your 3rd eye and find the answer to the question of how the curtain lifts up!

    The pineal gland is a smaller organ than the bean grain. It is located just behind the pituitary gland in a cavity, on a separate sheet from the pituitary gland.
    This little organ, which you can find in the Internet source as the Göz Third Eye,, is near the back of the head and in the very center. The pineal gland is found in the epitalamus. The center of the brain is in the middle of two hemispheres, in the middle of our brain.
    The word “pine cone maktad is made from the word“ pine cone gelen that comes from the pine cone in English.

    The pineal gland has a cone-like structure. Its part in our brain is symmetrical. Although there are two of all sections in this section, the only exception is the pineal gland organ, which is located in the middle of our brain and which is a single one in our developed.

    It is known that melatonin, serotonin and DMT are the hormones secreted by the pineal gland. DMT (dimethyltriptamine) is a hormone secreted by the brain. Tryptamine is the most powerful element in the family. The psychedelic effects of DMT melocele have been known to humanity for centuries. The word kel psychedeli ps consists of the Greek words psyche and delos. Its meaning is the invisible spiritual realm, the other dimension becoming visible.

    In the literature, the eye of the heart as the eye curtain is required, the third eye (eye 3) or is also referred to as the mental eye. How does it get up? How to open? What if he gets up? How to remove? We answer questions with this video. This is not limited. Third eye meditation, pineal gland ie pineal gland Button effect. Did you know that the great secret in the Holy Quran, Surah Ihlas, prays to open the eyes of the heart? In this video and other videos in our channel we shared all of you will learn all of us do not forget to subscribe to our channel. How the angelic world looks, the curtain that keeps it from the eyes of what we encounter with our knowledge of the rechargeable videos we have shared with you before I think to watch it.

    The third eye is believed to be the gateway to our soul. When activated, it is believed that a higher perception of the other realms would open the door to the realm of melakut, and this leads to it. It gives a sense of cosmic awareness and brings eternal knowledge and wisdom spiritually. Although this situation is explained in a very simple way, it has been forced to control it. You may not be able to remove it if you are unprepared. In order to prepare you for this situation, the recipes prepared in the video are compiled from the third eye, the pineal gland, from active friends.

    THE MOST SIMPLE METHOD! How to Open the Pineal Gland? 3. How to Clean the Eye? How does the curtain lift?

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