March 20, 2016:
March 20, 2016:

Welcome to the Youtube page for OVERLORDE! The U.S. Power Metal band founded in New Jersey in 1985.

We launched this page in November 2015. Our videos had previously been available on the Sonic Age Records page, which was the record label that released RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT . Now we have our own outlet!

Overlorde went through an unexpected membership transition in early 2014. After having more than half of a new CD written and demo'd to various degrees, drummer David Wrenn and vocalist Bobby Lucas left  during a 6 month period.

Drummer George Janeira, an old friend of guitarist M.E.,  joined in  the summer of 2014 and was officially announced via the video for the song "SevenOne8" here on Youtube in November 2015.

Vocalist George Tsalikis (Zandelle, Porphyra) joined the band in late 2016 and was announced to the world in March, 2017. At this time, three songs are completed and in the process of being mixed with the goal of releasing another full album.
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