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  • How To Increase Dopamine Levels In The Brain (NATURAL WAYS) -PART 1- Raise Your Dopamine Naturally

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    DISCLAIMER: My video is information only and is not medical advice. I simply inform and also share my personal experiences. If you need medical advice, please see your doctor. Again, my videos are NOT medical advice!

    Video nr 1 in the series on how to naturally raise your dopamine levels.

    Ok so this first video is going to be about how we can raise dopamine itself and get more of it and the next video is going to cover how we can upregulate and increase dopamine receptors, you see the receptors are what sucks up whatever dopamine we happen to have at the moment so the more receptors we have the more effects we feel of that same dopamine. Just a really short and simply example. Let’s say hanging out with two of your friends this thursday is going to give you X amount of dopamine.aaand Let’s come up with a unite just for the sake of this example. Hanging out with your friends on thursday is going to give you 55, let’s call it “P”. and we could say that P stands for pleasure.

    Well if you were to increase the numbers of dopamine receptors in your brain then the next time you see your friends that 55P will no longer feel like 55 becasue you now have more receptors that 55P will perhaps feel like 68P even though the dopamine levels themself are the same.

    Ok, but let’s jump in and take a look at how to increase dopamine levels in the brain

    (How to increase dopamine levels in the brain) no.1


    Studies show that meditation increases dopamine in the brain both long term and short term and what’s really cool here is that, if you do it regularly, and you get good at it, it can increase dopamine levels in the brain as much as 65% And that’s a very big increase increase. You can find that study on pubmed but I can put a link to the study under this video for you. But seriously, if you want more dopamine, start meditating.

    How to increase dopamine levels in the brain No:2

    Make a daily “to-do” list.

    This is also a good way for increasing dopamine levels and for keeping them elevated pretty much all the time since the very act of goal setting increases dopamine since because the brain pictures the end goal and squirts out a bit of dopamine to make sure that we go after the goal. You see, dopamine is really the motivation and the “go after it” brain chemical. And also every time you get to tick of a box on your to do list the dopamine shoots up again. You should always have a to do list, no matter how small the tasks are. I recommend daily lists in combination with more long term goal settings. This will give you the biggest dopamine release as well as the best results in life. Imagine that, dopamine is actually here to help us achieve things, so be smart about it and take advantage of that and make a daily to-do list and set up more long term goals right now.

    How to raise dopamine levels in the brain nr 3

    Dopamine foods:

    Eat foods that are rich in tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid and to put it very simply, it is the body’s building blocks for dopamine. Without it you body can not create dopamine. And if we want to increase our dopamine levels we must make sure to have plenty of L-tyrosine. Here are some foods that are high in this amino acid:

    Avocados, fish, egg, cheese, bananas and pumpkin seeds.

    Natural ways to increase dopamine levels in the brain nr 4

    Physical exercise significantly increases dopamine levels in your brain. But what kind of exercises should you be doing. Well, there are studies showing that there are some small differences however they are not big enough to pay attention to because it has been shown that the form of exercise YOU like to do the most, will raise dopamine the most for YOU. If you like lifting weights, great do that, if you like running then you should run. So that’s great news.

    How to increase dopamine levels in the brain nr 5

    Dopamine foods:

    Drink green tea. Yes A study from the University of San Francisco found that the polyphenols in green tea can boost availability of the important brain substance dopamine in the areas where it's needed.

    How to raise dopamine levels nr 6

    Create something. This could be anything from writing something to making music to building something out of wood as long as you have created it. To make it easy to remember, think: If I create something I’m also creating dopamine.

    How to elevate dopamine levels nr 7

    Natural supplements. There are some good natural supplements on the market that actually can be really helpful for optimizing dopamine levels. I personally use one that I have found to be really effective for this, and if you would like to know more about that supplement you can read more about it on my blog. Ok, my next video is going to be how to upregulate and get more dopamine receptors and that’s going to be an interesting one.

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