• Fractal Space | PC Gameplay Preview Trailer

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    First gameplay preview trailer of Fractal Space, planned for 2019. Created by Haze Games, an indie studio of 2 people in Unity Engine:
    - Check the PC version at http://bit.ly/2KCZqcg
    - Join our Discord Server to test the PC pre-alpha for free now: http://bit.ly/fsdiscord
    - Play the mobile version on Android now: http://bit.ly/2o6ZjaF
    - Play the mobile version on iOS now: http://bit.ly/frspios
    - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ha...
    - Twitter: https://twitter.com/HazeGam...
    - Official Website: http://haze-games.com/fract...
    - Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/HazeG...
    - Mixer: https://mixer.com/hazegames...

    Live the memorable experience of Fractal Space, a unique first person adventure & puzzle game

    Jump over lasers, avoid terrible moving saws, dodge giant crushers, use your jetpack and taser gun to think your way through puzzles of this mysterious space station. Will you solve the mysteries of this station, and get out alive?

    This, my friend, is up to you…

    ✔ Control your Jetpack to fly freely around space!
    ✔ Use your Taser Gun to activate switches remotely
    ✔ Find lost recordings to solve the mystery that lead you to this station
    ✔ Observe and rearrange your environment to move forward
    ✔ Full Gamepad support

    While surviving the adventure through the space station of Fractal Space, dexterity is not the only challenge; activate switches, complete 2D minigames, use cubes to reach higher grounds, go through portal teleporters, orient light mirrors, search for clues to guess access codes… Your brain and mental resources must constantly be stimulated if you want to solve Fractal Space’s puzzles!

    Shoot your taser gun to power-up electric devices remotely. When you’re alone in the universe, this weapon is your best friend!

    Defy laws of physics and gravity by firing up your Jetpack to fly freely through space and avoid deadly traps in the station. You cannot risk falling into the void of space, so use it wisely and make sure you have enough fuel to make your journey!

    Explore and pick up hidden recordings throughout the station – they will help you solve certain puzzles, recall what happened to you and solve mysteries about your past, present and future.
    Pick up health and ammunition packs as you explore space to help you get through this adventure.

    Show the entire world what a puzzle mastermind you are by unlocking achievements, and sharing your Fractal Space speed run scores with your friends!

    5/5 “Perfect game to stimulate the brain, really tests my motors skills. Helps my coordination… This should be used for occupational therapy!”
    5/5 “This is the most amazing game I’ve ever seen or played on an Android phone.”
    5/5 “This game blew me away… I’m glad to give it five-stars; this game deserves it!”
    5/5 “Explore the never-ending space, while battling new challenges. Coolest free game ever!”
    5/5 “Great game! Very enjoyable, obviously influenced by ‘Portal’ – but not a bad thing! Great work, dev!”

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