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  • Guide to Choose The Right Surgeon

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    Finding a good doctor is never easy, we all struggled to do that even for me someone like me who's is in the know trying to find asset specialist for a patient for a speciality other than mine. I think the most clearly important thing for my point of view is trying to pick somebody who is very super specialist in that region. No surgeon no matter how talented they are is going to be good at everything and particularly if you're looking at things like cosmetic surgery we can get surgeons who are good breast surgery, tummy tucks, for that really will they have the same set of skills that have required for dealing with complex nasal or facial plastic surgery. So the more dedicated surgeon is to one particular super specialist the area I think the most likely you are to get a good result we all get better with experience that's the key and the more you do have the same procedure and invariably the better one get at it. Someone who performs revision surgery is often very good at performing primary surgery and that's another thing perhaps to look for because if somebody do a complex secondary procedure and the chances are they'll be pretty good at doing the first procedure in that in the place the surgeon academic profile can help you choose as well as unfortunately academia doesn't always mean clinical excellence and and sometimes there are people who you can give wonderful research material and land in their lectures but really can't produce good operations but the one thing when we talking about cosmetic type procedures is if somebody is presenting and and talking and giving lectures at national and international level that when you're doing with getting cosmetic surgery that involves showing pictures and these are peer-reviewed you will know when I go and give a lecture at an international meeting i'm really talking -most of the creme de la crema of surgeons of the world and if you're producing good pictures and we're a very visual specialty where you can't hide behind what you've done then if you're if you're producing poor pictures you just don't get invited back and that's the reality so one of the good thing is if you have a knowledge of somebody's academic profile that will certainly help you have a little bit more confidence in what they do one of the best ways of getting and to know your surgeon is my recommendation if you're lucky enough to have somebody who you know who's has surgery fantastic unfortunately a lot of people don't rely it don't rely on that and often go to websites which may be fancy or going to advert which may be very compelling but you really don't understand what that person is just from the website alone so do your research and if i can say nothing else that's it doing research is very important often people spend more time looking into what car they want to buy rather than what surgeon they want to have operate on on them so by all means do your research and of course the internet these days is opened it up enormously but do be aware a little bit about online reviews because they can be planted and you have to be careful with that there are unscrupulous doctors out there who will pay money for all sorts of people to write good things about them and hopefully you'll be able to discern this as you can in a variety of different ways can be a bit ordering process and I think the time is probably the most important thing and really spending than a little bit of effort in ensuring the right person is for you finally is really important that you develop a trust with your doctor you've got to like your doctor and in a way they've got to like you that two-way communication is critical and if you really speaking to somebody who you can't communicate with who's not listening to you who's perhaps ignoring your concern than really talking about what they want to do for you than that then you perhaps need to look elsewhere irrespective of the reputation because the key thing particularly when it comes to cosmetic procedures is you want to able to portray what you want but at the same time you've got to kill feel confident that the other person is listening and is really going to be to marry the two things up we spend a lot of time with our patients we never charge for multiple visits we only have a charge once but for me it's really critical we are singing of the same hair same page at the end of the day so that when we're going into the operation I know what the patient wants the patient knows what I can achieve and hopefully the two things will marry each other and patients will be happy at the end of it. Show less
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