• ARE YOU A WIZARD ?? - Harry Potter Studio & Hogwarts Trivia

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    We visited the Harry Potter Studio Lot Tour In London ! This video takes you through the Making Of Harry Potter, where you tour what they used to make the movie, drink butter beer, FLY on a broomstick & so much more. if you're a Harry Potter fan GET READY TO CRY! and even if you aren't I think you'll really enjoy it

    This is POP UP VIDEO (remember those?) !!!! There are pop up questions & facts through out asking YOU Harry Potter questions. Lets see how much of a wizard you really are!

    1: Moaning Myrtle: Did you know the
    2: What house are you? Tell me in the comments
    3: Dumbledore said he saw himself wearing a pair
    4: What was the password to dumbledore office?
    5: Who said it? Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies
    * BONUS! This one's difficult! Can you tell who's wand we each have?? Hint Paris's characters wand is in the same house as Paris, & mine is in my house!

    COMMENT BELOW And tell me how many out of 5 pop up questions you got right or knew the answer to or about before hand!

    Hogwarts Hoodies: http://bit.ly/2WQcqB2
    A Hogwarts tie worn as a Hair bow
    Nikes: http://bit.ly/2Jbe6v5

    MORE FACTS: Here's some more of the cool stuff I learned that's not in the vlog:
    * Hagrids Animatronic Head: So in the movie Hagrid is obviously blown up to be the half giant we see in the films, but they had to figure out how to do his stunt work, since the actor wouldn't be doing those shots. SO they created animatronic head that blinks, opens his mouth and more and they use that in his stunt moments. I HAD NO IDEA I cant tell in the movies at all, but now I go back and watch trying to tell them apart
    * Costumes: I know this mostly from studying Fantastic Beast costumes, but learned it a little bit here. They usually have to make at least 5 of every costume, and they have to add details like stretch fabric or stitching so they can do all that Wizards do
    * Emma & Bella: For the pollyjuice potion scene in Deathly Hollows where Hermoine (Emma Watson) becomes Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter), I never thought about what that was like from an acting point of view! To shoot it, Emma filmed the scene first being "Hermione in someone else body" and then Helena Watched! Plus the two worked together to help find that perfect balance of Hermione pretending to be Bellatrix
    * THEY BUILD THIS: Overall I was surprised to see how much was actually built VS done in post production, and the scale of things in real life. Things were either larger or smaller than I imagined, rarely ever the size I thought they were!!

    Food: there are two spots where you can eat at the beginning before you go into the exhibit and about half way through.
    Weather: 95% of the tour is done inside, so don't worry about weather. The only outdoor things are Privet Drive, The Night Bus,
    Time: we spent about 5 hours here because it was part of a more extended tour, we went to Oxford earlier in the day where a lot of other Harry Potter scenes are filmed. We wanted to test it out for you guys, but don't isn't really worth seeing as a Harry Potter fan unless you're just interested in it as a stand alone place. I think it makes more sense to spend your whole day here at the Studio Your
    Tickets: you can book tickets directly from The Making of Harry Potter, thats the cheapest and best way to do it but they sell out months in advance, I checked about 3 months before our trip and they were sold out for us BUT if that happens to you don't panic!
    Tour Tickets: A bunch of tour sites buy their own tickets from the studio and resell them directly to consumer (this is what we did) they're a bit pricer but include bus transport from London which I think makes it worth it! Don't worry, its not a guided tour. They essentially drop you off, give you your ticket and pick you up. We booked a tour that took us to Oxford in the AM leaving at 8, and then to The Making of Harry Potter from about 1 - 6 PM. They also have options that skip Oxford tour for a full Harry Potter tour day or for a half day. There are a ton of places to buy tickets from, listing them below:
    Official ticket site: https://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk
    Here's where we bought tickets: https://bit.ly/2KGETm6
    Here is the Oxford tour we did: https://bit.ly/2X8SIeO
    But there are a ton of other options available from get your guide on like Harry Potter + boat tour, London tour + Harry Potter tour, a guided tour in the studio & more. They're all available here: https://bit.ly/2KGETm6
    If you just google "the making of Harry Potter tickets" there a ton more sites available too

    1 - if you like Harry Potter (& if you like the books, movies or both)
    2 - the coolest thing you saw in this video
    & 3 - how you did on the pop up video questions (#/5) Show less
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