• Pets That RETURNED After Being Lost For YEARS!

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    Check out these animals that were found after being lost! From missing cats to lost dogs, these pets were rescued and reunited with their owners after being lost forever!

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    12.) Dixie the Cat
    The Delaney’s made an extensive search, and went asking door to door, when their cat, Dixie, disappeared in 1999. However, Dixie was nowhere to be found. Eventually Alan and Gilly were forced to reconcile themselves to the fact that Dixie was gone for good. But in 2008, 9 years later, a stray cat was reported to the RSPCA in Birmingham, England. The resident who reported the cat said that it had been seen in the area for a couple of months. When vets checked the cat for a microchip, they found that it was the Delaney’s cat. Dixie had been picked up less than half a mile from her old home! Within 30 minutes Dixie was back in the home she had missed for 9 years. The RSPCA officer said: "In 29 years of working for the RSPCA I have never seen anyone so excited and happy as Mrs Delaney. It made my day to return Dixie." According to Gilly, Dixie promptly settled down as if she had never left. Her personality, behavior and little mannerisms haven't changed at all. The only noticeable change is the continuous happy purring.

    11.) Piko-Chan the Budgie
    In 2012, a pet parakeet named Piko-Chan was returned safely to his guardian in Sagamihara, Japan, after miraculously reciting his address to police officers. Piko-Chan’s guardian was so afraid of losing another parakeet, like she had lost her previous one, that she taught Piko-Chan to recite his address, just in case he was lost. According to USA Today, the baby-blue budgie escaped from its home in Yokohama, Japan on Sunday. He flew for some time until finally flying into a hotel window, and “perching on the shoulder of a guest.” From there, Piko-Chan was handed over to police but remained silent for two days. It was then that Piko-Chan not only began talking, but he actually recited his home address including the city, district, block and street number of his owner’s residence. In addition to all this information, the bird also told them his name! Luckily, for both the guardian and Piko-Chan, they weren’t separated for long.

    10.) Manuela the Tortoise
    Manuela is not your typical lost out in the wilderness story. In fact, this whole thing happened inside the house where Manuela lived. Manuela, a red-footed tortoise owned by the Almeida family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, went missing in 1982. But 30 years later, Leandro Almeida discovered the beloved turtle while clearing out an old room that had been used for junk storage after the death of a family member. Can you imagine?? Leandro was throwing out a box when a neighbor asked if he was throwing out the tortoise as well?! The family then realized that Manuela had been nestled among the junk the whole time. The question then became how Manuela lived without being fed as, according to the vet, these types of tortoises can live without food for a couple years but not three decades. The vet then came to the conclusion that Manuela probably survived off of eating termites or other insects off the wooden floor. With that much junk in the room, who knows what else was there!!

    9.) Turner the Cat Turns Up
    Turner the Cat is an excellent story of why you should never give up on finding your pets, if they are ever lost. Turner went missing at nine years old. Because of their location, the family feared Turner had been eaten by Coyotes. However, two years later, Turner was found by a rescue group about five miles from his home in Marin County, California. Luckily Turner had a microchip and the rescue group was able to identify his family. Turner’s owner, David, was stunned when he got the word that Turner had been found. “We just could not believe it,” he said. We’re still pretty blown away by all this.” And that, is why your pets should always have a microchip!!

    8.) Scribbles the Horse
    On the morning of November 13, 2012, Brittany Wallace found her beloved horse on Facebook. When Brittany was a child, she realized she had outgrown Scribbles and gave him to a wonderful home, where she could visit her horse whenever she wanted, until Scribbles disappeared one day. The woman refused to give her information on Scribbles’ whereabouts and the horse was lost. Somehow Brittany found a picture of her old dear friend bleeding and injured and on a way to a slaughterhouse. Not sure how she found this picture!!

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