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  • DIY - Add Bass Shakers to a Sim Racing Seat on Xbox One or PS4

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    Add Bass Shakers to a Sim Racing Chair for Xbox One or PS4:

    Adding vibration via bass shakers to a sim racing seat creates an immersive experience, it doesn’t matter if you are using a Logitech, Fanatec, or Thrustmaster wheel…it makes it 100X better. In the video above I show step by step how I custom added bass shakers (also known as transducers) to a Playseat Evolution. In addition to the video I have a post at Xbox Racing Pro, that goes into much more detail about the products I used and the pros and cons of the setup.

    If you already have a racing wheel this mod will be game changing and the principals I have outlined in the video will work on Xbox One, PS4, or PC. The setup maybe different, but the idea is the same…adding a bass shaker increases immersion.

    You actually don’t even need to have a sim cockpit to make this effective. For example, if you have a Fanatec CSL and you have it clamped on your desk, then you can simply screw a bass shaker into the bottom of your chair. This will add the same vibration effect to your racing games. Or perhaps you have Logitech G920 on a wheel stand, you could put a transducer in your couch or chair that you sit in. So you don’t necessarily need a Playseat to make it happen.

    If you are looking to design the most immersive setup for driving games you should consider applying all of the following: a steering wheel, a pedal set, a bass shaker, and a pair of headphones. Having these four things turns racing games into a full body experience that interacts with your sense of touch, feel, and sound.
    There is an amazing phenomena that happens when you combine vibration and headphones. When your body feels vibration and you have headphones on, you trick your brain into thinking sounds are much louder than they really are. The headphones make you feel like you are surrounded by sound and the simultaneous vibration from the bass shakers confirms to your body that the sound is close. When you use this combination with a force feedback wheel and pedal set and put your game into cockpit view, races start feeling pretty realistic…even on a console!

    There are other options other than the DIY route, such as getting a butt kicker. This is a nice solution, but they are often hard to find is stock, difficult to mount onto sim rigs, and expensive if you want to try to create a stereo vibration effect like I outlined in the video above. If you wanted to go simple and stay on the DIY path, you could spend about $125 bucks for a sub woofer amp, 1 bass shaker, a digital audio converter, and a couple cables and recreate exactly what the buttkicker gamer does.

    If you are looking for other customization and mod ideas around Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fantec, you can check out my blog at I also cover reviews of wheels, games, sim racing seats, and accessories for Xbox One.

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    Here are the key products I use in this setup:
    Auro Pro Bass Shakers:
    Dayton Audio Amp:
    Digital Audio Converter w/Toslink Cable:

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