• How to make a phone

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    How easy do you think it is to make a phone? IOM X put contestants up to the challenge to see if they can actually do it in 40 minutes.

    The majority of the world’s electronics are produced in Asia. Check if your favourite brands uphold good labour conditions. Take action and ask those brands to #GoTransparent
    See how your favourite brands performed: http://bit.ly/2pFzmRW Show less
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  • Does it happen in your home? Play all

    These videos provide different scenarios in which young people seek advice on how to handle relationships between their family members and their domestic workers. Through a chat simulation, viewers were encouraged to participate in a debate about the fair treatment of domestic workers by sharing tips and advice in the comments section.
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  • Definition series Play all

    These videos provide definitions, using text overlaid on video. Ideal for use on social media and for reversioning into other languages
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  • Open Doors [Eng Sub] - Exploitation of domestic worker Play all

    Visit http://www.IOMX.org/HappyHome to watch the videos and LEARN | ACT | SHARE to help stop the exploitation of Domestic Workers.

    Open Doors: An IOM X Production is a three-part drama about families and their domestic workers. Based in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, the three stories follow the challenges of each busy family, as they balance demanding work schedules, household duties and raising children, with the help of their domestic workers from the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. In each story, the family goes through a moment of reflection, where they recognize that everyone needs a break, and that not meeting their domestic worker’s needs is having a negative impact on both the family and their employee. Creating a happy home means working together with open communication and mutual respect. Each story in Open Doors was written, produced and directed by local talent in each country.
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  • Open Doors [Bahasa Indonesia Sub] - Exploitation of domestic worker Play all

    Kunjungi situs #HappyHome http://www.iomx.org/HappyHome untuk tahu lebih lanjut tentang #pekerja #rumahtangga di #ASEAN? Lihat dan share #fakta, #interactive #elearning, #kuis untuk pengguna jasa, dan lainnya di situs #baru kami.

    Open Doors: An IOM X Production adalah drama yang terdiri dari tiga bagian mengenai keluarga dan Pekerja Rumah Tangganya. Berlokasi di Singapura, Malaysia, dan Thailand, ketiga kisah drama ini menceritakan tantangan dari kesibukan masing-masing keluarga, dimana mereka berupaya mengimbangi tuntutan jadwal kerja, pekerjaan rumah tangga dan membesarkan anak, dengan bantuan Pekerja Rumah Tangga yang berasal dari Filipina, Indonesia dan Myanmar. Di dalam setiap kisah, keluarga mengalami momen refleksi dimana mereka menyadari bahwa tiap orang membutuhkan istirahat dan dengan tidak terpenuhinya kebutuhan Pekerja Rumah Tangga ini menimbulkan dampak negatif, baik terhadap keluarga maupun Pekerja Rumah Tangga mereka. Menciptakan lingkungan rumah yang nyaman (happy home) artinya bekerja sama melalui komunikasi terbuka dan rasa saling menghormati. Masing-masing kisah/cerita di Open Doors ditulis, diproduksi dan disutradarai oleh talenta/SDM lokal di masing-masing negara.
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  • Prisana: An IOM X Production ENG Play all

    Check out ASEAN’s coolest awareness raising campaign! Watch what the Prisana Stars have to say about human trafficking here:

    #ICAREDOYOU - Prisana Stars talk about human trafficking:

    IOM X proudly presents the music video Prisana: An IOM X Drama. It is a celebrity-packed campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking in the fishing industry.

    CHECK OUT THE MUSIC VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/bQiwhgjstdg

    To learn more about human trafficking and see what the stars have to say about the issue visit http://www.IOMX.org/FISH where you can join the movement and
    take action.

    Prisana tells the story of exploitative practices in the Asia Pacific fishing industry through an emotional love-story between actors Mario Maurer and Mai Davika Hoorne. This is the couple’s first on-screen reunion since the hit movie Pee Mak.

    Watch the Behind the Scenes Here: https://youtu.be/9Bg1_5BOaFU

    Supported by USAID: https://www.usaid.gov/asia-regional
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  • Prisana: An IOM X Production [TH] Play all

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