• InSoFast Continuous Insulation

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    InSoFast manufactures feature-rich continuous insulation panels for both interior and exterior applications. Engineered to speed up the construction processes and greatly reduce in-field labor. The InSoFast panel combines complexity and components of an insulated wall into a simple, interlocking panel. InSoFast is a complete system for moisture and thermal control for interior or exterior applications.

    Residential / Commercial / Interior / Exterior / New / Retrofit

    The best solution for multiple applications.

    InSoFast provides a superior user experience and versatility that’s proven to be faster and more cost-effective than any other insulation and framing strategy. The science and difficulty of insulating interior or exteriors walls is built into the panel. The panels are a one step solution to the complex multiple layers of traditional wall assemblies. Do the job once and do it right.

    Take the difficult and making it easy.

    Continuous insulation in a one step solution, cutting edge performance that improves the wall’s durability. InSoFast panels deliver NetZero efficiency with zero thermal penalties. We have ZERO (clips-ties-girts-angles-tapes) or other miscellaneous pieces that make assembly in the field assemblies difficult or nearly impossible. InSoFast requires no special tools or training to install.

    The greenest way to build is improving the built environment.

    It is easy to build a new wall right. InSoFast takes difficult and makes it easy. Retrofitting old and inefficient walls to a higher standard is what we do better than anyone! Rethink construction and double the thermal performance of your existing walls while increasing durability. InSoFast provides the building science for free, and it includes drainability and breathability in a simple and easy to install system.

    Shipping Containers:

    We do the hard things and make it easy.

    The newest panel from InSoFast, the CX series, is designed to fit the custom shapes of shipping containers. The panel, with built in framing and electrical raceways, eliminates the multi-step guess work of container build-outs. Do the job once and do it right.
    With millions of square feet in place and thousands of satisfied customers, why work so hard to do the job right when you don’t have too? Show less
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