• THE SUPER SMASH GAMES - (Hunger Games/Smash Bros parody)

    173,733 views 8 months ago
    When Wii Fit Trainer and Mega Man are selected as fan service tributes for the Annual Super Smash Games, they must enter the arenas in fights to the final smash.

    Tybee Diskin as Wii Fit Trainer
    Evan Salce as Mega Man
    Daniel Vincent Gordh as Luigi
    Clare Schmidt as Princess Peach
    James Willems as President Dr. Light
    Woody Tondorf as Ganon
    Ricky Hayberg as Captain Falcon
    Pikachu Plush as Herself
    Matt Peake as Koopa Troopa
    Sean Poole as Koopa Troopa Show less
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