• What's your most awkward workplace moment? - Duration: 107 seconds.

    • 2 weeks ago
    We've all been there - the embarrassing moments, being caught doing stuff which isn't work-related, taking selfies and what not.

    Here are some all-too-familiar awkward moments you experience in th...
  • I hire through ROZEE - Maria Zahid, HR Manager | The TAQ Organization - Duration: 48 seconds.

    • 2 weeks ago
    Maria Zahid, HR Manager - The TAQ Organization highly recommends Rozee.pk as the best hiring platform for all big and small organizations across the country.
  • Decisions Impacting Your Future! - Duration: 108 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    Career success involves much more than just everyday work, the decisions we make daily impact our future career. Here are some decisions that can hurt your career!

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #CareerI...
  • Dream Career Path! - Duration: 2 minutes, 5 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    Not sure about which major to choose for your dream career path? This animation explains it all!

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #CareerInMotion
  • 7 Proven Tips for Better Productivity during Ramadan - Duration: 67 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    Here are 7 tips for ensuring productivity during Ramadan! Are you following any of them?

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #RamadanMubarik
  • The Working Dead: When Your Employees Become Zombies! - Duration: 69 seconds.

    • 3 months ago
    Are some of your employees acting lethargic, distant, nonsensical, not unlike zombies?! It could be caused by one of the reasons in this animation and it’s slowly infecting productivity, communicat...
  • 6 Common CV Writing Mistakes - Duration: 95 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    Your CV is supposed to be an impressive professional document and your first impression to the employers.

    Here are some common mistakes people make on their CV, make sure you avoid them.

    Click li...
  • I hire through ROZEE - Muneeb Awan | CEO, Rezaid UK - Duration: 84 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    Dr. Muneeb Awan - CEO at Rezaid in UK is hiring through Rozee.pk. He says that his company has been able to recruit, invest and put a long-term plan in place because Rozee.pk helped them find the b...
  • Audio Profile by Rozee.pk - Duration: 58 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    With an audio profile, you can catch the attention of top employers, make that all-important first impression count and broadcast yourself on your Rozee.pk profile.
  • 7 tips for Sales Professionals - Career in Motion - Duration: 64 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    Salespeople experience more highs and lows in a single week than most professionals do in an entire month.

    Here are some tips that can help you increase your sales and keep you motivated!

  • OPT (Professionals) - English Test for Employment - Duration: 39 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    Presenting the British Council and ROZEE.PK’s Online Placement Test (OPT) - The new standard for testing English language skills.

    Professionals can now quickly and efficiently boost their ROZEE pr...
  • OPT (Employers) - English Test for Employment - Duration: 40 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    Presenting the British Council and ROZEE.PK’s Online Placement Test (OPT) - The new standard for testing English language skills.

    Employers can now shortlist candidates based on instant quantitati...
  • Why is OPT beneficial for employers? - Duration: 52 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    The Online Placement Test is a state-of-the-art test designed to demonstrate and prove your expertise in the English language – a skill that employers everywhere are now considering essential in th...
  • Happy Women's Day! - Duration: 77 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    Let’s start looking outside of the stereotypes, moving past the biology, and breaking out of the boxes we are comfortable residing in to change what it means to be a woman in the world.

    As being a...
  • Rozee Rocket CV helps you land your dream job! - Duration: 41 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
  • 6 elements that make a great company culture | Career In Motion - Duration: 48 seconds.

    • 5 months ago
    A great culture fosters happiness, productivity and overall success for a company. Don't forget to consider these elements in cultivating your company culture.

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #CareerInMotion
  • Best-paying jobs that require good English language skills - Duration: 66 seconds.

    • 5 months ago
    Check out this list of the best-paying jobs for people with good English communication skills.

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #CareerInMotion
  • Why is OPT beneficial for jobseekers? - Duration: 55 seconds.

    • 5 months ago
    The Online Placement Test is a state-of-the-art test designed to demonstrate and prove your expertise in the English language – a skill that employers everywhere are now considering essential in th...
  • Things you should never say during a job interview - Career In Motion - Duration: 62 seconds.

    • 6 months ago
    Before you head out to meet your next prospective employer, make sure to never say these things during the interview.

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #CareerInMotion
  • 10 inspiring leaders talk success - ROZEE - Duration: 90 seconds.

    • 6 months ago
    Rozee.pk brings to you the best of inspirational quotes from some of the most successful people in history. Let's take a look at these great reads.

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #CareerInMotion
  • ROZEE Career Talks - Suleman Ansar Khan | Head of Talent, OD, Culture & Recruitment at Engro Corp. - Duration: 2 minutes, 1 second.

    • 6 months ago
    Suleman Ansar Khan, Head of Talent, OD, Culture & Recruitment at Engro Corp. talks about the importance of constantly acquiring new skill sets in the modern-day.
  • The Evolution of Job Hunt - Duration: 2 minutes, 3 seconds.

    • 6 months ago
    Let's take a journey back in time and see how job hunting has drastically changed over the years!

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #CareerInMotion
  • Reasons why people fail at job interviews - Career In Motion - Duration: 60 seconds.

    • 7 months ago
    Common reasons why people fail at job interviews - A video short.

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #CareerInMotion
  • ROZEE Career Talks - Asim Pasha | Head of HR - Punjab Skills Development Fund - Duration: 2 minutes, 2 seconds.

    • 7 months ago
    Asim Pasha, Head of HR at Punjab Skills Development Fund, discusses overpowering negativity in the workplace by identifying and eliminating its various causes both on a personal and organizational ...
  • ROZEE Career Talks - Adeel Anwar | Head of Capability Development - Coca Cola - Duration: 3 minutes, 14 seconds.

    • 7 months ago
    Capability Development at Coca-Cola, channels his vast experience to bring you a double whammy: What sets great managers apart from the rest, and what's the deal with millennials and job hopping an...
  • ROZEE Career Talks - Sabahat Bokhari | Head of Training & OD, FINCA Bank - Duration: 2 minutes, 58 seconds.

    • 8 months ago
    Sabahat Bokhari, Head of Training & OD at FINCA Bank talks about approaching career management from the get go: how to hit the ground running as a professional just out of university and the best a...
  • I hire through ROZEE - Nasir Ibrahim | CEO, Evolverstech - Duration: 67 seconds.

    • 8 months ago
    Nasir Ibrahim, CEO Evolverstech strongly recommends Rozee.pk as the best platform for quality hiring as it helped him hire quality tech resources who could satisfy international clients.

  • I found a job on ROZEE - Sajjad Anwar's Success Story - Duration: 71 seconds.

    • 8 months ago
    Sajjad Anwar has been using ROZEE.PK for 9 years now and has found various jobs through it, including his current job at Shafi Foods Pvt. Ltd as a Senior Agronomist. He recommends ROZEE.PK for prof...
  • I found a job on ROZEE - Muhammad Umair's Success Story - Duration: 57 seconds.

    • 8 months ago
    Muhammad Umair, currently the Head of Digital Marketing at Saremco Tech, credits ROZEE.PK for the growth and prosperity he enjoyed throughout his career.
    He found all three of his jobs through ROZ...
  • I found a job on ROZEE - Ayesha Nasir's Success Story - Duration: 63 seconds.

    • 9 months ago
    Rozee has helped Ayesha Nasir in finding great opportunities throughout her 6 years as a freelance writer. Ayesha believes that ROZEE is the go-to solution whether you're a full-time employee OR a ...
  • I found a job on ROZEE - Zahra Azhar's Success Story - Duration: 54 seconds.

    • 9 months ago
    Zahra Azhar, Creative Manager at INOV8 has found most of her career opportunities through ROZEE. She highly recommends ROZEE to all those looking for a career boost.
  • I found a job on ROZEE - Shaf Younus's Success Story - Duration: 70 seconds.

    • 9 months ago
    Shaf Younus found ROZEE.PK to be the most effective platform to find jobs that matched his skill-sets which ultimately landed him in CureMD as an Assistant Quality Engineer.

    Have you found a job t...
  • Media Professionals - HUM NEWS is hiring! - Duration: 22 seconds.

    • 10 months ago
    Become a part of Pakistan's most dynamic media group - HUM TV.

    Apply online at www.rozee.pk/hum

    #AgayBarho! with #ROZEE #HUM #HUMNEWS
  • Empowering Pakistan's Talent! - Duration: 89 seconds.

    • 10 months ago
    India's foreign minister said that Pakistan only produces terrorists. She's wrong.

    #EmpoweringPakistan #Talent #AgayBarho! #Rozee
  • I found a job on ROZEE - Umar Farooq's Success Story - Duration: 71 seconds.

    • 10 months ago
    Umar Farooq found ROZEE.PK as the most effective platform to find a job as it landed him at Hinopak Motors as a Marketing and Sales Professional.

    Share your success story with us in the comments.
  • I found a job on ROZEE - Faisal Jaswal's Success Story - Duration: 76 seconds.

    • 10 months ago
    Whether it's notifying him of new jobs tailored to his talents, or helping him whip up a top notch CV, ROZEE.PK has been a constant companion to Faisal Jaswal throughout his career.

    Have you found...
  • Over a million people have found jobs through ROZEE! - Duration: 112 seconds.

    • 10 months ago
    Over a million people have found jobs on ROZEE.PK. Start your success story today!

    #AGAYBARHO! with #ROZEE #SuccessStory #IFoundAJobOnROZEE
  • Happy Birthday Pakistan - 2k17 - Duration: 85 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Celebrating 70 years of diversity, resilience and independence of a great nation. United we stand.

    Happy Independence Day everyone!

    - Team ROZEE

    #AGAYBARHO! with #ROZEE #HappyIndepenceDay #Pakis...
  • Happy Independence Day - 2k16 - Duration: 97 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Pakistan has the potential to be a global turnaround story. The combined efforts from all of us would ultimately determine the quality of change that we all so desire to manifest in Pakistan.

    All ...
  • I found a job on ROZEE - Yasir Shabbir's Success Story - Duration: 102 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
  • I hire through ROZEE - Mehwish Sarwar | HR Head, Sofizar/ConstellationCK - Duration: 61 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    It's critical for small businesses to get their message out if they want to attract the best talent - ROZEE.PK has helped Mehwish Sarwar, HR head of Sofizar, Constellationck to do just that.

  • I found a job on ROZEE - Sehrish Azhar's Success Story - Duration: 98 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Sehrish Azhar, Motivational Speaker & Blogger at Living Upbeat found her focus in life through ROZEE.PK.
    She suggests that whoever is clueless about their career paths should use ROZEE.PK to find o...
  • ROZEE Career Talks - Asghar Jameel | Chief HR Officer, JAZZ - Duration: 2 minutes, 16 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    "Believe in yourself and work harder" - Mr. Asghar Jameel, Chief HR Officer at JAZZ, drawing upon his extensive experience, offers us some pearls of wisdom to ensure we remain on top of our careers.
  • I found a job on ROZEE - Babar Ahmed Khan's Success Story - Duration: 79 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Babar Ahmed Khan got his first job through ROZEE.PK which laid the ground to his promising career today. He is now working as a Territory Sales Manager in Engro Foods and is very thrilled about his...
  • Types of people you meet in Ramadan! - Duration: 112 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    The holy month of Ramadan means a month of fasting and positive vibes but during Ramadan, we do experience some struggles like laziness, sleepiness, and people who behave differently.
    Here are the ...
  • Every Meeting Ever! - Duration: 97 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Every meeting ever held in the history of mankind is like this. Share with everyone who you've been to such meetings with! :D
  • I found a job on ROZEE.PK - Aqib Irshad's Success Story! - Duration: 102 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    ROZEE.PK helped Aqib Irshad land a C-level job on his return to Pakistan after a decade. He now works at FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited as the Head of HR, Training & OD.
    His trust in ROZEE.PK help...
  • I hire through ROZEE - Hyder Usman Ch. | COO, Blue Group of Companies - Duration: 72 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    BGC is a broad group of businesses working in textile, printing, real estate, properties and IT solutions.
    Hiring through ROZEE has helped them find the best talent for their diverse set of service...
  • I hire through ROZEE - Muhammad Zeeshan Mir | Manager Recruitment & HR, LiveGreeter - Duration: 87 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    ROZEE.PK finds you the best person for the job. Here's Muhammad Zeeshan Mir of LiveGreeter on how his company relishes the precision and control that ROZEE's extensive CV Search gives them.
  • I found a job on ROZEE.PK - Usman Habib's Success Story - Duration: 76 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Landing a job is a struggle - whether you're a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional. Usman Habib's motivation and tenacity landed him a top job on ROZEE.PK - one which helped him grow into a h...
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