• (001) Valentine's Day Pours: Rebranding My Channel

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    Hi everyone, it's been a while. I hope to add more videos and share all the fun I am having with acrylic pouring, alcohol inks, watercolor and painting (in both acrylic and oils). I also hope to share some of my musings on topics that I am passionate about, including but not limited to art and healing, selling your art, the struggles and joys of being a creative.

    Colors (sorry I meant to put insert a photo of the paints I used):
    Blickrylic Fire Red, Amsterdam Light Gold, Amsterdam Sky Blue Light, Blick Matte Acrylic Red Deep, Artist Loft Flow Acrylic White

    Formula for this pour: Water, GAC 800, Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Based Personal Lubricant (this is the only silicone I use since it is something that is meant to be applied to the body)

    Affiliate Links (if you purchase products used in this video through these links, I get a small cut, which in turn helps me to continue to make videos..thank you very much :) )

    GAC 800

    Wet Platinum

    Website and Shop: www.stephaniegagos.com
    Instagram: @sgagos

    Introductory Course on Acrylic Pouring (No torching, floetrol or silicone)


    As someone who had an allergic reaction possibly to pouring with ingredients such as silicone (treadmill) and torching. I no longer use these methods. I am also very careful about safety which I wasn't at the time when I started.

    While I use "safer for me" ingredients, an allergy to anything can occur at anytime. I do not claim that what I use is safe for you but am sharing that so far it has been safer for me to use. Every person's body is different so I suggest you try things one at time so if you have an allergy you will know what you were allergic to hopefully.

    My recommendations are:

    Please use proper ventilation at all times

    Wear Gloves at all times (I still forget sometimes or take my gloves off too soon)

    If you do decide to torch...which I do not recommend (we do not know what happens to these products when heated or their effect on our bodies), please...

    Wear a respirator mask if torching, or using chemicals that are not normally used in acrylic painting nor have they been tested with heat.
    Have a fire extinguisher handy if you torch. Make sure your Co2 alarm is in place and working.

    I am in no way responsible for your safety or the results of your experiments, but I really want you to be safe.

    Selling Your Paintings

    A note on the longevity of paintings using non-traditional chemicals with acrylic paint. The truth is we don't know. They may last forever, they may last for a set amount of years. Most of us have only been using this medium for under five years so we do not know how long our paintings will last using ingredients like dimethicone for example.
    If you are selling your paintings, my suggestion is to always varnish and seal your paintings. Let the buyer know you used non traditional ingredients. Since we don't know how long paintings will last with ingredients such as dimethicone for example, I think it is important to make the buyer aware.

    Also you may want to switch to pouring medium, or GAC 800 and or GAC 100 for example which are made to be used with acrylic paint.

    I have started to make sure to write a disclaimer on any paintings in which I use non traditional ingredients in my shop listings. :) Show less
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