• Mastering Cubase Pro

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    The ultra popular "Mastering Cubase" series has been updated! This course now covers Cubase Pro 8, 8.5, and 9. For more information, or to sign up please visit http://www.lobe.com/masteri...


    Lesson 1: An Intro to Cubase Topics: The Transport Panel The Project Window Setting up the inspector The Mixer

    Lesson 2: Starting a Project Topics: Organizing your hard drives Creating a new Cubase Pro project Steinberg Hub templates The Project Set-up panel Sample rate, bit depth, and file type The Device Set-up window The VST Connections window

    Lesson 3: Track Types Topics: What are tracks Adding audio tracks How Cubase Pro handles your files FX Tracks & Sends Marker & Ruler Tracks Folder Tracks Sampler Tracks VCA Faders vs Group Tracks Signature, Tempo, and, Arranger Tracks Chord Tracks

    Lesson 4: Recording Topics: Microphone Types Recording Chain Mic Pres Audio Interfaces Latency The Control Room & Cue Mixes Recording Lanes Track Versions

    Lesson 5: The Cubase Mixer Topics: Configuring the Mixer Creating link groups Zones & Visability The Channel Racks EQ & Channel Strip The Faders

    Lesson 6: Editing Topics: What is an audio event? Split tracks button, and the waveform amplifier Using the tools in the toolbar Processing events vs using plug-ins Phase

    Lesson 7: Using the Sample Editor Topics: Opening the sample editor Hit Points Audio Warp Tuning with VariAudio Processing events

    Lesson 8: Tempo Correction
    Part 1 - What is tempo correction? Topics: A short history on tempo correction Using the third pointer tool mode What is Cubase doing when you adjust the tempo? Musical Mode in the Pool

    Part 2 - Tempo Detection Topics: The time correction algorithms Tempo Detection Working with a tempo track Set Definition from tempo Tempo correction multiple tracks Using Hit Points

    Part 3 - Hit Points & Audio Warp Topics: Audio Warp Quantizing audio

    Lesson 9: MIDI, Virtual Instruments, and the Score Editor
    Part 1 - MIDI Topics: What is MIDI? Setting up your MIDI device Adding a MIDI track and connecting a virtual instrument The MIDI Key Editor Expression Maps Quantizing VST 3.5

    Part 2 - Virtual Instruments Topics: Mounting a virtual instrument Groove Agent SE Creating your own drum patch Beat Designer Halion Sonic SE Loop Mash Padshop MIDI Control setup

    Part 3 - The Score Editor Topics: Opening the Score Editor The Staff tab Display Quantize Polyphonic tab Adding chords Adding lyrics Using the Layout Tool Creating an XML file

    Lesson 10: The Media Bay, and the Pool Topics: Bring up the Media Bay Scanning your drives Searching for files The Pool Splitting up multi-channel files

    Lesson 11: Mixing Part 1 Topics: Using EQ’s Using a Parametric EQ - including “Frequency” Mid-side Linear Phase EQ’s Compressors Limiters New York Compression Reverb

    Lesson 12: Mixing Part 2 Topics: What is automation? Using the R and W buttons Touch automation Latch automation Using the automation panel Viewing the automation lanes Stereo Panning Surround Sound Panning The Loudness Meter

    Lesson 13: Finishing a Project Topics: 44.1 vs 48 kHz Exporting your mix Uncompressed file types Compressed file types What are stem mixes? Creating stem mixes using the channel batch export A brief overview on mastering Show less
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