• Centrepoint to the Area 51 Bob Lazar Story & Hidden Moon - John Lear in Conversation with JP Hague

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    JP Hague in conversation with the irrepressible commentator, seasoned pilot and son of the Learjet inventor & founder: an unmissable focused discussion covering John's close friendship and involvement in the Area 51 Bob Lazar story, the "hidden life" of the Moon and his philosophy as to why we may be here on Earth.

    - Time Stamp Breakdown -

    0:00 - Intro to John's life, background and entry into UFOlogy.

    03:21 - Summer 1988: John's introduction to and close relationship with the Area 51 - S4 engineer, Bob Lazar: exchanges before, during and after working on the recovered disc.

    10:42 - The "Sports Model" craft observed and worked upon by Bob Lazar & his election to focus on the craft's propulsion and "element 115" fuel source.

    15:25 - The 2018 "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" docu-film: an insider view.

    17:51 - An alternative perspective on the origin, composition and purpose of Earth's Moon & Bob Lazar's take on the Moon anomalies.

    31:43 - Who inhabits the interior and surface of the Moon (and the Earth)?

    34:09 - Howard Menger: Moon visitor & adviser to the Pentagon, the limitations to "conventional" space travel & weaponisation of Space.

    38:50 - Has John ever been threatened into silence against his research and information? John explains why he and Bob Lazar were leaned upon to release the secrets of Area 51 / S-4.

    42:19 - A philosophy on why the "visitors" are here and our role in the cosmic play taking place on Earth.


    John Olsen Lear, born 1950, is a retired airline captain, son of American businessman William "Bill" Powell Lear, the aviation inventor and founder of Lear Jet Corporation.

    John flew the wide-bodied aircraft, the Lockheed L-1011 (amongst others), and was a CIA pilot who has flown over 150 aircraft and has attained all flying certificates issued by the Federal Aviation Administration throughout a 44 year career of flying.

    John is highly regarded in aviation circles, has held 18 world speed records and has worked with some 28 aircraft manufacturers and/or airline businesses.

    During the mid-1980's John began to learn about and investigate unidentified aerial phenomena and assumed a central role in releasing information about the existence and occurrences at Area 51, alongside Bob Lazar.

    In 1984 John first became aware of the UFO reality and in 1985, a former USAF pilot named Greg Wilson, confided to John the veracity of one of the greatest UFO cases in living memory that took place at the close of December 1980, during the height of the Cold War, where he was stationed at the time: RAF Bentwaters in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, UK.

    In 1987 John met with US General Jimmy Doolittle, an aviation pioneer who made early coast-to-coast flights, earned a doctorate from MIT in aeronautics, won many flying races and most significantly, helped develop instrument flying. General Doolittle disclosed to John, without being able to confirm the classified details, the existence of Majestic 12: a secret US committee of twelve decision makers who are said to have governed the UFO issue for several decades.

    John is both a dedicated and entertaining commentator on UAP and associated cover-ups and has researched for some three decades.

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