• Big Tesla Coil Nottingham 2016

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    Firstly: thanks to Phillip S and Derek W and my family without whose extensive help I would now no longer be able to run the coil. Powered by a 13kV pole distribution transformer (often called a 'pig' - 285v inputted) the coil is 8 inches (around 1300 turns) and is running with a 50 x 11 inch loaned toroid. Spark gap is a 12 inch SRSG using Tungsten electrodes and controlled with a phase controller. Ballast is a custom made external unit.
    Allowing for the power factor the 'real' power going into the coil is 7.3kW.
    In several instances, mainly near the end of the video, I run low power with an incorrectly phased SRSG to encourage floor strikes. This will be apparent with the sudden change in the sound, which will then have more of a 'rasp' to it. This is caused by the voltage levels of the firing peaks going into the MMC (125nF) being of un-equal magnitude to one another when wrongly phased.
    When they are correctly phased the peaks are even in magnitude and produce more of a constant drone.
    See my http://www.hvtesla.com/phas... for info on SRSG types.
    Max power is not used because of the ceiling proximity. The wire mesh on the ceiling and metal grids on the floor are to protect the building's structure from burns - and yes it DOES burn!
    In another run we had ignited strontium on the end of the 'chicken stick' (here it's operated by my glamorous bikini dressed assistant - thanks Dave) the remains of which were still present on the tip of the stick, as can be seen in this video. Also see https://www.youtube.com/wat...... and https://www.youtube.com/wat...... Show less
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