• 20 FACTS REPUBLICANS CAN'T ACCEPT - March 12, 2013

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    It is physically, mentally and emotionally impossible for republicans to accept these 20 facts since republicans live in an alternate reality.
    1.Unelected war criminal george w. bush ignored the August 6, 2001 PDB titled "bin Laden determined to strike in US" while on a month-long vacation.
    2.Unelected war criminal george w. bush was "on watch" for the worst US terrorist attack in history, after ignoring the August 6, 2001 PDB.
    3.Our Stock Market collapsed under Unelect bush, and has soared under Twice-Elected President Barack Obama.
    4.republicans are unable to understand math, economics and simple charts.
    5.President Barack Obama is repairing the devastating and costly economic and political damage done by Unelect bush and a 6-year, 3-way gop majority.
    6.Democrats are better for Our Economy and Stock Market, by over 500%
    7.Our Economy soared under President William Jefferson Clinton, and crumbled during Unelect bush's failed occupation of Our White House.
    8.2012 "Liberal Media" election polls were 100% accurate, and fox Comedy news' predictions were 100% wrong.
    9.Unelect bush created Our Unemployment Problems, and President Barack Obama has repaired bush's Unemployment disaster.
    10.President Barack Obama made the call to send SEALs in to get bin Laden, and waterboarding and human torture did not help, but actually hindered intelligence collection.
    11.republicans have raised Our National Debt five times higher than Democrats since Idiot and US Traitor reagan, who gave US taxpayer-owned weapons to Our enemy Iran.
    12.red states are overwhelmingly the "Welfare States," and Blue States are largely the providers for red "Welfare States."
    13.chris christie greatly admires his President Barack Obama.
    14.President Barack Obama has spent 600% less than Unelected War Criminal and Buffoon bush, who left his illegal Iraq War off Our books, until President Barack Obama put it in Our debit column.
    15.President Barack Obama was duly elected, very easily, twice.
    16.Democrats have created over twice as many US jobs as republicans, in far less time.
    17.Democrats have created a higher GDP than republicans.
    19.Income Growth is higher under Democrats, than under republicans.
    20.President Barack Obama is "An American Hero." Show less
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