• Soundodger+ - S3 - Tonic (diff 5) (zen mode)

    794 views 1 year ago
    Really proud of this level, probably my best one yet? The New Wave is a tough contender but the sheer weirdness of this level might have me preferring it. Oh yeah, and the beta is REALLY laggy for me, so I slightly edited the level to fit old soundodger. Mostly is the same though. Oh, and slight lag from recording totally did mess up that one part at 4:29 ... Trust me when I say it's supposed to be lined up with the arena.

    I would like to thank Circuit Bent for allowing me to use his song, it's really good, and so is his other stuff. You can find it here, and I 100% recommend taking a look: https://circuitbentobox.ban...

    ~~random stats~~
    song length: 6:05
    XML size: 291 KB
    bullet markers: 1911
    spin rates: 286
    time warps: 126
    time spent creating: ~20 hours Show less
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