• Police Pull Me Over And I Refused To Give My Drivers License

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    Giddings Texas a little town outside of Nazi Germany. During a traffic stop I decided to exercise my Texas rights and not give my drivers license to the police officer and instead "display" my license as the law states. When I didn't hand over my license the cop got butthurt because I didn't bow down to him. Just because I exerted my American right the officer retaliated by harassing and intimidating me. In Texas you DON'T have to give your drivers license to a police officer when pulled over driving, you only have to "display" your license. Also my 4th. Amendment was violated when the cop searched me and pulled a battery out of my pocket. Just exactly what type of weapon did the officer think it was, being the size of a quarter and square to justify reaching in my pocket to pull it out?

    Officer D. Kieschinick

    Giddings Texas Police Department (979) 540-2700

    If you comment on Facebook take a screen shot in case they delete comments and let me know if they do. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gi......

    1:53 Texas Transportation Code - TRANSP § 521.025.

    a) A person required to hold a license under Section 521.021 shall:

    (1) have in the person's possession while operating a motor vehicle the class of driver's license appropriate for the type of vehicle operated; and

    (2) DISPLAY the license on the demand of a magistrate, court officer, or peace officer.

    There's no law that says you must hand over your drivers license to a police officer, you must "display" it.

    2:58 One nosy motherfucker!

    6:30 Terry frisk - A suspect can only be frisked on their outer clothing for "weapons." Cops can’t go rummaging through your pockets. The officer may ask the suspect about the object. The officer can’t squeeze it, slide it around, otherwise manipulate it, but NOT pull the object out of the pocket. You can see the cop pull a battery the size of a quarter from my pocket if you look in the car window when I'm being searched. How many officers a year loose their life to a battery?

    * Blue lives matter? Blue Is Not a People, Blue Is Not a Race ... Unless Y'all Smurfs?

    This is what the police don't want you to know. http://policecrimes.com/

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