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    Now that the dust has settled and I‘ve had time to evaluate the entire Oaken Lab Shaving lines, I felt it a good time to give you all the low down on the product range….

    Oaken Lab is a company based in Jakarta Indonesia and is run by Chris Kerrigan originally from the US. The shaving product lines were borne out of the need to shave using high quality products which seemed to be near impossible to source in Jakarta. After a number of formulation tweaks and extensive testing, Oaken Lab shaving soap was bought to market.

    OK, so how does the shaving soap perform?

    Well, as we’ve come to expect from artisan shave soaps these days it loads and lathers with great ease. What I particularly noticed about this soap is that it can take a little more water than your average artisan shave soap and in fact benefits from adding water to it incrementally.

    Amongst the list of ingredients, you’ll find Tallow, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Castor Seed Oil, & Lanolin

    The shave soap provides above average slickness, cushion and protection and benefitted from really being worked into the beard. Take your time with this soap and you’ll be rewarded. The post shave feel was such that it felt I could definitely leave the house without having to apply a post shave splash or aftershave.

    We’ll talk more about the post shave splashes in the next video.

    The Scents

    Oaken Lab has in my opinion, managed to really encapsulate fragments of stories and shared memories through unique scents that are infused in classic men’s grooming products that we have grown to love over the years.

    The scents represent an olfactory narrative, largely based on memory and transformative experiences. Think barbershop, leafy green forests and exotic bazaars and outdoor market places. There are notes here that will resonate with most of you.

    Oaken Lab uses what can only be described as a mood-board to describe the scent profiles. I think this certainly enhances and heightens the experience. Most of us find it hard to mentally “imagine” how an amalgamation of scent notes work as a whole.

    Let’s look at Batavia Barber, this is ingeniously described as

    32ºC, Rustling Fan, Worn Leather, Fresh Towel

    I love this scent which is comprised of Neroli, Bergamot, Orange, Lavender, which in my opinion almost gives it an Ottoman old school feel. The Jasmine and Moss beautifully balance the scent which then makes way for the Musk, Patchouli, Leather which ultimately gives Batavia Barber a rather sophisticated warm and masculine finale.

    Far Afield
    Has immediate universal appeal, customers who experience this for the first time find it very agreeable

    Oaken Lab’s description is

    Mountain Mist, Still Lake, Cedar, 5 am

    This scent profile comprises light aquatic notes, cedarwood and citrus. Ideal for year round use. It’s very clean, green masculeeen!

    And finally,

    Earth of Mankind

    With the exotic elements Colonial Java, Kretek Haze, Agarwood, & Mystical Spice… this offering certainly transports you to Jakarta.

    It’s a delightfully rich amalgam of Indonesian clove cigarettes, with dark resinous incense and spice accords.

    Perfect for the cooler months and definitely one to consider if you’re a fan of warm spicy Marrakesh-like scents.

    This is probably the more robust of the scent offerings.

    In summing up the Oaken Lab range has something for everyone… scents for all seasons and applications. They will indeed transport you to places that you may have visited or intend to visit someday.

    In the mean-time, its probably less expensive and easier on the wallet to just use Oaken lab from the comfort of your own bathroom.

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