• Texas Country Music "LOVE ME BABY" - by Stephanie Lee... stephygirlmusic

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    This is a FUN song I wrote a year or so ago about being in love and how fabulous life can be... in love! :)

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    * Love me baby- cuz I’m so in love with you. Oh, kiss me baby - there’s nothing I won’t do

    To love ya like you’ve never been loved before, so hold me baby-

    And I’ll love ya some more.

    I walked into your life, nah, it’s more like I ran. Somehow ya caught me,

    You were-a-holdin’ my hand. And when I cast a spell on you, ya cast one on me too

    And now I am so crazy - so crazy about you.

    Your love is sweet like honey, your smile like the sun.

    And when we are together we have so much fun.

    We’ll dance our lives away on the beach in the sand,

    Where life is put to music and there’s a live band.

    BRIDGE: So love me, love me, love me, Baby - you’re mine, can’t you see?

    Cause I’m gonna kiss ya, kiss ya, kiss ya, and rock ya to sleep

    I’m lovin’ you, lovin’ you, lovin’ you like you’ll never be again

    I’ll love ya to eternity - where there is no end.

    I’m so in love with you, I can’t even sleep. You’re all I think about baby, I’m in so deep.

    I’ve looked for you my whole life - put a ring on my finger baby I’ll be your wife! Show less
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