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  • The Gravity Pal Story: Low Angle Inversion vs. High Angle Inversion

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    LOW Angle Inversion vs. High Angle Inversion:
    Gravity Pal was born out of personal need and the requests from our clients who wished to have a comfortable and convenient option of LOW Angle Inversion in their lives. This is the story of Gravity Pal Low Angle Inversion Tables.

    My husband Michael was scheduled for back surgery. But the idea of undergoing such a distressing experience for him physically was frightening for both of us. So we started researching alternatives to surgery and we were drawn to the idea of something called "inversion therapy." We wanted something he could tolerate, that would be effective, that he could do at home. We couldn't find anything out there that seemed to work for us. So we developed what we now call "Gravity Pal."

    The effects of using low angle slanting with Gravity Pal were tremendous! After only a couple of weeks we postponed that surgery, while working closely with our doctor. After several more weeks of steady improvement, the surgery was cancelled altogether. Michael continues to get better and feels that using Gravity Pal two to three times a day, for only two to three minutes each time, is the primary reason. However there was a surprise benefit that he had. He reports his thinking has become more clear and now looks forward to using his Gravity Pal as a way to get rid of afternoon stress and to get what he calls a de-stresser and brain boost.

    I know as a therapist that to be effective, a gentle traction effect needs to be created while not triggering what is called "muscle guarding." Muscle guarding is our nervous system's natural response to pain and fear. We tighten up. To get past muscle guarding, some high angle inversion manufacturers recommend working up to a 60 degree angle and staying there for 15 minutes! We found that a gentle approximate 13 degree angle on Gravity Pal for only two to three minutes was all that was needed. With Gravity Pal there is virtually no muscle guarding. You feel safe and secure - and the relaxation is immediate the second you lay on it.

    We solved these problems by creating, testing and refining dozens of prototypes. We now make three versions of Gravity Pal for home, office and portable on-the-go. Our unique design is a combination of carefully chosen materials and specific low angle that allows Gravity Pal to be so gentle and effective.

    Each Gravity Pal is handmade in the USA by Amish craftsmen and women in Iowa.


    The Luxury Bench Gravity Pal:

    The Gravity Pal Trimline:

    The Gravity Pal Traveler:

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