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    Social Anxiety symptoms & treatment: Overcome social anxiety now for FREE with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping.

    Download your FREE Social Confidence Starter Kit here:

    I am Seb, an ex social anxiety disorder sufferer. I've been coaching socially anxious clients since 2009 and have worked with hundreds of people, helping them overcome their social anxiety and feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease in social situations.

    I have a popular podcast in iTunes where I interview psychologists, coaches, healers, best-selling authors, scientists, and psychotherapists for their best social anxiety solutions (social anxiety solutions is also the name of the podcast - and here is where you can download episodes if you don't have iTunes - And I run an online Social Confidence Community.

    This video is a super generalized summary to illustrate that social anxiety is a program that your brain runs based upon perception. And that the perception is governed by beliefs. And that these beliefs can be changed. Once you change the beliefs responsible for the perception of danger, social anxiety is gone. There is none. Zero.

    Many people have asked me about the ending of this video. "Great, but it's not that easy! How do you change your beliefs?! You can't just do that".

    And they are right.

    A belief is a thought or an idea you're emotionally connected to, as a result of conditioning and painful life experiences. And just "changing your thoughts" won't work.
    Saying to yourself "I am good enough" won't do that. Not even when you repeat it a 1000 times. In fact, it will just have your inner voice go "no you're not!".

    Social anxiety isn't a logical problem. And therefore You need to address things on an emotional level in order to have your beliefs shift completely.

    Once you do, you can completely overcome your social anxiety. I bet that's hard to believe for you if you've been struggling for a long time (and, pretty everyone has been struggling for a long time) and you've tried things.

    But what if what you tried hasn't been the right approach for you? Or, what if that's only been mildly helpful, and there are ways that are far more effective?

    I struggled massively to overcome my own social anxiety. I changed my thoughts. I faced my deepest fears (from approaching women, to purposely embarrassing myself by wearing red lipstick, to public speaking, to purposely getting myself rejected in busy shopping malls), I did NLP, Hypnosis, timeline therapy, affirmations, visualizations, challenging my thoughts, etc. Nothing worked. Until I found EFT - a silly looking technique to rapidly release excessive negative emotions (you know, the shame, insecurity, worthlessness, fear, anxiety etc that we struggle with so much).

    That was the technique that made the difference. It has then been a long path of trying to figure out how to apply that technique to overcome my social anxiety because mine was complex and severe. But thanks to help of EFT tapping and some brilliant therapist I've now been anxiety-free for years. And I've been sharin this message since 2009 (see my first video!).

    I also have video testimonials of former clients who overcame their social anxiety. Imagine that, people who actually share they beat it too, not your typical thing to see on youtube. But they've become so at ease with themselves, and they don't care anymore what others think that they're willing to share. Very inspiring. And again, hover a hundred interviews with PhD's, best selling authors, psychologists and psychotherapists on my podcast whop all also rave about this (and other) techniques.

    There's a whole world you don't know about when it comes to solutions to your social anxiety. There's really a way out of it. Don't give up, suspend your disbelief, break your skepticism by giving this a try. I have a ton of free videos, and I offer 10 free videos series where I guide you through EFT tapping so you can FEEL it work for you. Along with an Ebook where I write how I beat my SA and what 4 steps to take to resolve your own. It's here (

    There's a way out of it. And this doesn't involve forcefully facing your fears. It's far more gentle and many, many times more effective than the outdated approaches mainstream tells you (change your thoughts, be mindful, face your fears progressively - which has it's merits, just quite ineffective compared to this, and also
    doesn't yield results for 40-50% of people).

    Do some research, check out what I've been putting out, and do yourself a massive favor: give this try. Let me say it better: give this a committed try.

    All the best,
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