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    Successful contractors (whether they know it or not) are simply applying a specific marketing process. This process works in any economy, and in any industry. It's been applied successfully by general contractors, home remodelers, basement waterproofers, fire & water damage restoration contractors -- and much more -- to bring their business to safety, even during the recession.

    Here's how it works.

    1. Passion is Key

    Even if it sounds a little "goofy," it turns out that the biggest deciding factor in contracting success is the owner's passion. As an owner you must be passionate about making a difference for your customers. All other success flows from this.

    Why? Passion drives you to work harder on you, and deliver better results. Businessmen who get wrapped up in the paperwork and trivia lose their edge, their shop becomes generic and they're no longer irresistible. On the other hand, those who really care about delivering a great result clearly set themselves apart from the competition.

    2. You Need a No Brainer Offer

    The second part of the marketing process is a no-brainer offer. Business is all about giving something to get something, and the no-brainer offer is something that makes the decision to hire you a "no brainer."

    What is a no-brainer offer? For example, a construction business might partner with an appliance dealer to offer some free appliances with every new kitchen. The fact is, no-brainer offers almost always bring in far more profit than the up-front cost of doing them. Even better, they bring in repeat customers and boost loyalty into the stratosphere.

    3. Implement a "Stair Step Sales Funnel"

    One of the most expensive tasks in business is acquiring new customers. Anything you can do to increase the lifetime value of your existing customers will bring big returns, and a carefully crafted sales funnel will increase your customer lifetime value 20-40%.

    Let's consider a basic remodeling contractor marketing plan sales funnel. It's fairly common for a kitchen remodeling contractor to have another specialty (such as basement or bathrooms), and even more common to find kitchen remodeling customers' basements and bathrooms could also use some work.

    Therefore, as a kitchen remodeling contractor, you need only suggest some basic upgrades to their basement or bathroom (in a friendly way) and give them a quote on the spot.

    In practice, this simple tactic brings in a new project from the same client at least 30% of the time, assuming you know to take the right kind of approach. What is the right kind of approach? It's simple. As a contractor you must have your "stair step sales funnel" in place ahead of time, and you must know how to position it.

    Once you've made the first additional sale, you can now also offer ongoing contracts for maintenance and cleaning. These contracts let you help customers on an ongoing basis, and bring in a steady and predictable stream of work.

    4. Set Up A Lead Generation Website

    If the only way to communicate with a potential client is when they pick up their phone and give you a call, you're leaving about 90% of your potential revenue on the table.

    On the other hand, if you can collect the contact information of people who are interested in purchasing from you in the future -- even if they're not interested in buying right then and there -- you have a powerful new source of income.

    The way to do this is a lead capture form or newsletter on your website. By staying in contact with these prospective customers, you ensure you're fresh in their mind when they do decide to buy.

    Believe it or not, these four steps are only the beginning. While they're the most powerful, "core" methods successful contractors use, there are other methods which make the process truly "recession-proof."

    To download the free blueprint which explains the whole process, simply go to: https://contractor.media

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