• What's In My Vegan Family's Pantry? + Whole food bulk shopping

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    Hey Family!

    I'm super excited to share what's in my pantry!

    For those of you with not enough time to watch the full video here is the entire list below. Just something to note - it's obviously not always as clean tidy or perfectly stocked as this. It changes week to week depending on what's on sale and how much time I have to go shopping. Just giving you guys something to strive towards and through this list, hopefully, expand your own shopping list to include additional life-giving, healthy, whole foods.

    For those interested the bulk store is in Ocean Shores New South Whales and is called Food Culture, bulk food store - https://foodculturebulkfood... (not sponsored, just love this store).

    Where possible I buy locally grown bulk food items - we are very blessed that a lot of products can be grown in Australia such as raisins, rice, lentils, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats, etc.

    In the same order as the video - here is a list of what's in my pantry:

    - Creatures of Earth protein powder https://creaturesofearth.co...
    - Tiger nuts
    - Sesame squares
    - Australian grown almonds
    - Olive Oil
    - Mulberries
    - Mustard seeds
    - Brazil nuts
    - Sunflower seeds
    - Pumpkin seeds
    - Activated buckwheat
    - Sesame seeds
    - Coconut flakes
    - Gluten-free cereal
    - Lentil patty mix
    - Quinoa
    - Oats
    - Black-eyed peas
    - Chana dal
    - French green lentils
    - Split green peas
    - Red lentils
    - popcorn
    - Basmati white rice
    - Coconut oil
    - Tahini
    - Peanut butter
    - Almond butter
    - Cocoa powder
    - Himalayan Salt
    - Pepper
    - Garlic granules
    - Smoked paprika
    - Paprika
    - Oregano
    - Cloves (ground)
    - Cumin (ground)
    - Curry powder
    - Garlic powder
    - Cinnamon
    - Kelp powder
    - Celtic sea salt
    - Alfalfa sprouts
    - Baking powder
    - Coffee filters
    - Nettle Tea
    - Green tea and Jasmin
    - An assortment of herbal teas
    - Aero press
    - Kitchen spray
    - Gluten-free Lentil Lasagna
    - Coffee
    - Buckwheat puffs
    - Garlic
    - Chia seeds
    - Flax seeds
    - Dried apricots
    - Dates (dry)
    - Majoli dates
    - LSA
    - Gluten-free Quinoa pasta spirals
    - chickpeas

    Things I usually have but did not include in the video:
    - Hemp seeds - store these in the fridge to keep fresh
    - Dried Currants
    - Corriander (not in the pantry)
    - Dutch cream potatoes
    - Sweat potatoes (orange and purple)
    - Onions

    Right, that's about it! I really hope it will give you guys some fresh new ideas about what to stock up on next time you are at your local supermarket or bulk food store.


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    〰️ Buy my Hawaiian Spirulina Powder: https://bit.ly/2IJoqK9

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    〰️ Get a discount off of your iHerb order by using my Rewards Code 'BND662' at https://www.iherb.com - I buy a lot of whole food supplements from here, including my favourite - Hawaiian Spirulina!

    Some links are affiliates. Thanks for supporting me and my family ❥

    Much Love

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