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    We are storybooth. We take REAL stories told by YOU, and we ANIMATE them!

    Storybooth is a storytelling platform where you tell the stories on our website or mobile app and submit them. We listen to them, If we choose yours, we may produce it, animate it and share it with the world.

    Watch videos from people just like you. Every story is the actual voice of the storyteller, no actors here. And we collaborate with your favorite youtube as well from time to time. So if we chose and product your animated video, you become a YouTube star yourself!

    Want a chance to get YOUR story animated? Go to www.storybooth.com or download our APP at the apple store to record and submit.

    Don't be shy and don't hold back. We want to hear your story because....everyone has a story.

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    storybooth - ALL our videos: Real animated stories from YouTubers and people just like you. Submit your story for a chance to have it animated by storybooth.
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