• Suprising My Family With A Mega Mansion

    5,218,902 views 1 month ago
    Surprising my family with a new home and its a mega mansion on 4 acres of land pure paradise hopefully you all enjoy it as much as my family!

    If you're reading this I missed you all I love you and I hope the wait was worth it!


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    All our Pranks in one playlist for your entertainment purposes 🀘🏽
    • Destroyed My Sons Playstation PRANK! - Duration: 20 minutes.

      • 2 weeks ago
      The kids and I decided to Prank Leonidas, destroy my son's PlayStation 3 and replace it with a PlayStation 4 but his reaction was priceless so hopefully, we can get 100k likes for another crazy pra...
    • My first Prank In Our New Mansion! - Duration: 8 minutes, 35 seconds.

      • 3 weeks ago
      My first Prank in our new home and i had to use a Halloween mask since it's almost that time of year anyway drop a like if you want to see more pranks!

      If you're reading this get this video to 100...
    • My Daughter Camari Is Staying For School Prank On Kids! - Duration: 22 minutes.

      • 1 month ago
      Pranked my kids today because it's the end of summer and my daughter Camari is supposed to go home to start kindergarten but instead of going home she will be going to school here with us! Warning ...
    • INSANE MOUSE TRAP PRANK ON BOYFRIEND! - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 1 month ago
      Prank wars have never ended so I got Cj So Cool off guard with this Insane Mouse Trap Prank! He was screaming and running like a little well lets not go too hard on Cj lol 50K likes for the epic re...
    • Left The Kids PRANK - Duration: 14 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      Leaving The Kids PRANK is a instant classic they actually thought we left themKarnation actually got hurt in this video so don't try this at home! I also Pranked Rhino for the first time 50K likes ...
    • GROSS CUPCAKE PRANK - Duration: 11 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      Getting my epic revenge on CJ and the family by baking them cupcakes with Gross Icing 50K likes if I should go harder the next Prank on them!

      If you're reading this comment " Let The Prank Wars B...
    • OMG Kids Ruined My Jordans PRANK - Duration: 20 minutes.

      • 3 months ago
      Did the kids destroy my jordans with markers PRANK!

      If your reading this comment " OMG you got them good "

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    • Gave Her A Fake iPhone For Her Birthday PRANK!!! - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 3 months ago
      My Wife Royalty's oldest child just turned 10 and what better way to help her celebrate than by Pranking her with a fake iPhone for her Birthday gift. This prank is super hilarious and even had her...
    • DON'T FALL ASLEEP PRANK ON BEST FRIEND - Duration: 35 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      My best friend Dbake came to meet us in Irving Texas and long story short he fell asleep a little too soon and I Pranked him so good 50K likes if you agree! https://www.instagram.com/bake100_/

      If ...
    • Worst Nightmare PRANK on Girlfriend! - Duration: 21 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      Today I decided to PRANK my girlfriend by acting like I Beat My Kids until they started bleeding! It was an epic fail! To make up for the fail we fed 330 homeless people! 50K likes for more videos ...
    • I LOCKED THE KEYS IN THE CAR PRANK (108Β° OUTSIDE) - Duration: 12 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      I picked the perfect day to do the locked the keys in the car PRANK on my family. Especially since it's almost 110 degrees in Las Vegas anyway I hope she's ready for my epic revenge prank!

      If you'...
    • DRINKING & DRIVING PRANK (GONE WRONG) - Duration: 28 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      I took my kids to Circus Circus & Royalty didn't stay she went home to PRANK us came back drunk and well you'll see the rest! 50K likes if you think I should prank her back!

      If you're loyal and re...
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    Life with CjSoCool & Family πŸ’―
    • Surprising My Family With A PUPPY - Duration: 32 minutes.

      • 4 days ago
      I surprised my family with a new 3 month-old puppy, a Micro Bully that I named Blanco and now Rhino has a little brother to play with and I have a new son to look after 100K likes if you love Blanc...
    • Surprising My Family With A New Car! - Duration: 29 minutes.

      • 1 week ago
      I love surprising my family with new things and the reactions are always priceless but this time I surprised my family with a new BMW 6 series convertible but not before I PRANKED them first!

      If y...
    • He Crashed My Car PRANK (Almost Beat His A**) - Duration: 28 minutes.

      • 1 week ago
      I invited some YouTubers over to my crib and to my surprise they already had plans on Pranking me but it did not turn out too well for them and Royalty helping might have just started the Prank War...
    • Smashed My Girlfriend In The Golf Challenge - Duration: 26 minutes.

      • 2 weeks ago
      Today My Girlfriend and I decided to have a Golf Challenge & you know I'm always up for a challenge so I had to smash her but she tried her best so let's get this video to 50K likes for the next Go...
    • The Best Surprise Ever! - Duration: 35 minutes.

      • 2 weeks ago
      A special guest came to my Mansion to do a documentary video about my sneakers and he brought a surprise! To properly thank him i would love for you all to go to his latest video and spam "Thanks F...
    • Love & Basketball - Duration: 11 minutes.

      • 2 weeks ago
      Love & Basketball Royalty & I square up for a 1v1 game of Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Basketball to determine how much I love her! Comment who you think will win in this epic battle of the sexes!

      If y...
    • A Day In The Life Of The So Cool Kids - Duration: 26 minutes.

      • 2 weeks ago
      A day in the life of the So Cool Kids! Our first ever day in the life video so if you like it show some love on the like button!

      If you're reading this I Love You!

    • My Dog Rhino Can Swim Perfect (3 Mill Party With My Family) - Duration: 34 minutes.

      • 3 weeks ago
      I'm so glad my dog Rhino can swim so perfect We are so thankful for all the support and love you all share with us it's an unbelievable experience to be at 3 million anything so with that being sai...
    • MEGA MANSION TOUR ( SO COOL LAND ) - Duration: 46 minutes.

      • 3 weeks ago
      The heavily requested official Cj So Cool Mega Mansion Tour!

      "God Bless Houston"


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  • CHALLENGES!!! Play all

    All of our amazing challenges all in one playlist πŸ™ŒπŸ½
    • 68 Donuts In 15 Min Family Challenge - Duration: 30 minutes.

      • 1 month ago
      Another Insane challenge 68 donuts in 15 min with my whole family challenge!

      If you're reading DROP A LIKE and comment " Finished " when done!

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    • Extreme Juice Mixing Challenge Family Edition - Duration: 14 minutes.

      • 1 month ago
      Extreme Juice Mixing Challenge is a crazy challenge and we bought just about every kind of juice and the results we're crazy but the family time was amazing!

      if you're reading this comment " Fami...
    • All Mouth No Hands Fruit Challenge!!! (GONE WRONG) - Duration: 11 minutes.

      • 3 months ago
      My house was destroyed by this No Hands Fruit diving challenge! But this is the funniest video I've ever edited hands down 50K likes if you agree!

      If your loyal Like this video and comment " That ...
    • Real Food vs Gummy Food - Duration: 19 minutes.

      • 5 months ago
      Real Food vs Gummy Food Challenge with my Girlfriend was intense and epic The gummy foods are all so real it made this challenge perfect 30,000 likes if you enjoy it

      If your reading this comment "...
    • BALLOON CHALLENGE (GONE WRONG) - Duration: 19 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      The Balloon Challenge was the most intense challenge we have done since the yoga challenge I know everyone will enjoy The Balloon popping we have in store for you!

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    • Pizza Challenge Family EditionπŸ• - Duration: 22 minutes.

      • 9 months ago
      Subscribe for more videos and never miss a post with notifications!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVyM1Zknz3u2hGLAN2NVtZg

      Family Pizza Challenge was Lit!!!

      https://goo.gl/37NKl1 The Official CJ...
    • Giant Bowl Of Cereal Challenge (11,560 CALORIES) - Duration: 16 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      Stepped up our game in this challenge Giant bowl of cereal challenge 11,560 calories and we are going to attempt to finish the whole bowl so enjoy the video and leave a like!

      If you're reading thi...
    • Strip Or Guess That Chip Challenge - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 1 year ago
      Subscribe for more pranks, super lit challenges, reactions, and dope vlogs, never miss a post with notifications! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVyM1Zknz3u2hGLAN2NVtZg

      CJSOCOOL MERCH https://g...
    • Celebrity Smash Or Pass Challenge πŸ˜‡ - Duration: 14 minutes.

      • 9 months ago
      Celebrity smash or pass challenge was by far the funniest challenge we have ever done! She was saying no to everyone and i was a thot to every celebrity girl!

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    • NO THUMBS CHALLENGE!!! - Duration: 18 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      No thumbs challenge is one of the most interesting challenges we have ever done, taped our thumbs to our hands and attempted numerous tasks! This challenge deserves 30k likes!!!

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    • Impossible Try Not To Sing Along Challenge - Duration: 11 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      We successfully completed the impossible try not to sing along challenge I say Impossible because every song used is fire, so let's get 50k likes!

      If you song along comment "Waiting for part 3" it...
    • THE POOPY DIAPER CHALLENGE (REAL POO?) - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      OMG We Did The Dirty Diaper Challenge with real poopy diapers and since Royalty hasn't Pranked me in a min IDK if I'm eating real poop or not so let's get 30k likes for this challenge and for Royal...
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  • STORYTIME Play all

    • My Girlfriend Is Pregnant!!! - Duration: 10 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      I couldn't believe it when my girlfriend Royalty told me she was pregnant on stream but I had to believe it when she showed me the doctors note so I will ask that everybody keep her in your prayers...
    • HOW I MET MY GIRLFRIEND!!!(STORY TIME) - Duration: 25 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      How I met my girlfriend storytime with Royalty Just so you all know how real it is!

      Instrumental by Chuki Beats https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic/featured
      Subscribe for more pranks, super li...
    • SHE HAD MY BABY!!!(STORY TIME) - Duration: 20 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      She had my child and I named her Camari Here is the story on how it happened! (STORYTIME #2)

      Subscribe for more pranks, super lit challenges, reactions, and dope vlogs, never miss a post with noti...
    • SOMEBODY STOLE MY CAR (STORYTIME) - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      Somebody stole my car storytime will initiate the beginning of my storytime series and every story I tell will always be authentic so if you like the video leave a like and comment your favorite pa...
    • What We Did Before Youtube Success (Story Time) - Duration: 31 minutes.

      • 3 months ago
      A lot of people ask questions like are we rich and what do we do for money so here is the Storytime of What we did before Youtube!

      If you're reading this and want more storytime comment " The More...
    • WHY I JOINED THE MILITARY (STORYTIME) - Duration: 30 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      This is why I joined the military raw and uncut storytime!

      If you're reading this comment " Thanks for serving our country

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    • Our Response To Camari Mom - Duration: 17 minutes.

      • 3 weeks ago
      We finally responded to all the hate we recently received from the mother of my child with nothing but facts to clear our name and stop all the future confusion!

      If you're reading this do yourself...
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  • REACTIONS!!! Play all

    All my reactions together in this playlist for your entertainment 🀘🏽
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  • Rhino So Cool Play all

    • I Bought Rhino An Expensive Gold Cuban Link Chain. - Duration: 10 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      I bought Rhino a very expensive gold Cuban link chain because he is the coolest dog in the world and he deserves everything in life so I will make sure he gets it! 30K Likes If his Chain is is Win!...
    • Gave My Dog His First Bath!!! - Duration: 10 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      Gave my dog Rhino his first bath and decided to share it with the real wolfpack & Coolkids even though me and Royalty are currently in Hawaii! Hopefully everybody shows Rhino and I some Love and le...
    • Rhino First Day Of School - Duration: 19 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      My Puppy Rhino is in school now and I needed J'aaliyah to help film this video for me since Royalty is still in bed healing!

      If your reading this comment Let everybody know how close we are to 2Mi...
    • Surprising Girlfriend With A Puppy - Duration: 35 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      My family has been in need of a DOG and I finally made that happen! I I suprised my Girlfriend with a puppy! What better time than her birthday week right before we leave for our vacation! I have t...
    • Introducing Rhino So Cool The Service Puppy (11 Week Old American Bully Exotic Breed) - Duration: 11 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      Rhino So Cool to me is one of the coolest puppies to ever walk the planet and now he's a service dog! How cool is that all thanks to the man who made this possible Service Dog Connect https://www.i...
    • My House Was Trashed And Destroyed By Our Puppy Rhino (PO.Box & Giveaway) - Duration: 25 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      Can't believe he trashed and destroyed my house while we were out getting a new PO. Box for our Subscribers to mail us at!

      If your reading this and can make it to urban necessities Saturday aftern...
    • Took My Puppy To The Mall (Surprise Giveaway For My Subs) - Duration: 17 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      Took my puppy Rhino So Cool to the mall so that I could buy a surprise gift to give away to my subscribers held tomorrow live on liveraise!

      Subscribe for more pranks, super lit challenges, reactio...
    • My Dog's First Shot! (HE FREAKED OUT) - Duration: 29 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      The Life Of Rhino So Cool The Celebrity Dog is back again but this time he made a visit to the vet for some shots, only thing is he hates shots. Rhino is an American Bully From The Exotic Bloodline...
    • My Dog's First Day At Pet smart! - Duration: 12 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      Took my dog Rhino to Petsmart and everybody fell in Love with him guys this puppy is and American Bully Exotic breed literally loved worldwide already and he's only 8 weeks old stay tuned for more ...
    • Puppy Vs Stairs Challenge! - Duration: 7 minutes, 43 seconds.

      • 7 months ago
      My puppy climbed the stairs today for the first time it was a real challenge for him, watching rhino vs the stairs I had to share this moment with the world!

      Subscribe for more pranks, super lit c...
    • Rhino Was So Happy To See Us! - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      Back from our Hawaii vacation and our puppy Rhino was in the car waiting for us and boy did we ever miss him leave a like if you missed rhino!

      Subscribe for more pranks, super lit challenges, reac...
    • Things Got Freaky In School - Duration: 26 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      This weeks puppy training class things got freaky in school when chubbs tried to hump Rhino lol, either way, hope yall enjoy the vlog we put together for you!

      If your reading this comment "He wasn...
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    Most of my giveaways all placed in one playlist out here to help inspire you to help give back πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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