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    Filmed & Edited by: Blume Pictures
    Additional filming: Matthias Wittwer
    Follow cam: Cedric Romanens
    Music by: https://soundcloud.com/lost...

    Tricks in a row:

    Fakie Bigger Triple Flip
    Sw Fs Double Flip
    Fakie bs big spin Late flip
    Bs Big spin late flip
    Nollie Bs Double Heel
    Nollie Inward double heel
    Varia Double Heel Revert
    Late Fs Big spin Heel (Metro Flip)
    Bs Big spin Double Flip
    Fakie Tre Triple Flip
    Fakie Fs double Heel
    Sw Fs double Heel
    Full Cab casper flip (Beta Flip)
    Backfoot varial heel
    Backfoot varial Heel Revert
    Full cab 1/2 Heel 1/2 late flip (I don't have a name for this)
    Half Cab late double flip
    Bs 180 late double flip
    Sw fs Big spin late flip
    Fakie forward flip
    Varial Heel flip Crossfoot
    Nollie tre double flip
    Hardflip Revert (Ghetto Bird)
    Fs double heel flip
    Nollie fs 180 late flip
    Sw Bs 180 late flip
    Fakie Varial heel revert
    Full Cab double flip
    Half cab 1/2 heel 1/2 late flip (don't have a name)
    Bs 180 1/2 heel 1/2 late flip (no name either)
    Tre double flip revert
    Heelflip late shovit (or casper whatever)
    Nollie FS double flip
    Fakie Backfoot varial heel
    Fs 180 late heel
    Fakie fs 180 late heel
    Full cab late flip
    Friends Trick: nollie bs bigger spin (i think)
    Fs big heel no-comply revert (not so sure)
    Full cab heel
    Nollie casper big spin flip (nollie alpha flip)
    360 Casper flip
    Bs double heel
    late backfoot lazer flip
    nollie fs double heel
    full cab triple flip
    tre double flip crossfoot
    No-Comply big heel revert
    Fakie Bs Big heel
    Fakie full cab 720 flip (Lion flip??)
    Fakie fs late big heel (Fakie metro flip)
    double inward heel
    Nollie full cab double flip
    Nollie Triple heel
    Forward double flip
    Fs big spin late shovit
    Nollie inward double heel revert
    nollie full cab casper flip (nollie beta flip)
    Full cab late double flip Show less
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