• 10 Most Insane Prison Escapes That Will Leave You Stunned

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    10 Most Insane Prison Escapes That Will Leave You Stunned
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    No one wants to be locked away in a prison with bad conditions and even other bad people. And it seems since the time of locking people up for their crimes, there have been amazing stories of people escaping heavily guarded prisons. From tunnels to helicopters, it’s amazing what prisoners will do to escape prison. Check out these 10 Unbelievable Prison Escapes In History.

    Parkhurst Escape, 1995 - Of all the prison escapes, the Parkhurst Escape was probably the most creative one. In January of 1995 Andrew Rodger, Keith Rose, and Matthew Williams escaped from the high-security Parkhurst prison by constructing their own tools. The escape was the culmination of long and detailed preparations which rivalled those of the British prisoners of war in Colditz.

    The Libby Prison Escape, 1864 - This is arguably one of the most legendary prison breaks in history. On the night of February 9th, 1864, 109 prisoners squeezed through a narrow tunnel and fled a Confederate prison notorious for its wretched and overcrowded living conditions, starvation rations and the cruelty of its commanders.

    The Great Escape, 1943 - The story of this escape was so famous that it was eventually made into a film of the same name. A South African named Roger Bushell who got in Dulag Luft, a prisoner transit camp for Air Force prisoners near Frankfurt, attempted to escape in 1941 and 1942.

    Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers escape from Alcatraz, 1962 - Alcatraz island in San Francisco Bay was a federal prison from 1933 to 1963, and housed prisoners who had proved disruptive in other jails. A mile and a half offshore, it was claimed to be escape-proof. There were 14 escape attempts in the prison's 30-year history.

    Pat Reid and Airey Neave escape from Colditz, 1941-1942 – There were multiple escapes from Colditz, a Renaissance castle in eastern Germany near Leipzig. 15 prisoners made it out of this place alive. The first to escape was French Lieutenant Alain Le Ray, who did so on April 11th, 1941. He managed to get out of the castle by hiding in a terrace house in a park during a football game.

    The Midnight Express, 1975 – The Midnight Express has been one of the most famous prison escapes of modern times. Billy Hayes, a 23-year-old student from New York, was sentenced to four years in a Turkish prison in 1970 for attempting to smuggle hashish out of the country.

    Pascal Payet escape, 2007 - This Frenchman has a knack for Hollywood-style escapes. A 43 years-old Pascal Payet had been serving a 30-year sentence for killing a guard during the holdup of an armored car. In 2001, he fled a French prison by helicopter. In 2003, he again used a chopper to help three others escape the same facility.

    Alfred Hinds escapes, 1957 - Alfred George managed to escape from not one, but three heavily guarded prisons during his life. In 1953 he was arrested for jewelry theft and sentenced to 12 years’ in prison. Two years later he managed to open a locked door, climb a 20-foot prison wall and escape.

    The Maze Breakout, 1983 - Unlike other prison escapes, where the prisoners tried to escape as quietly as possible. The Maze breakout was filled with action and drama. In 1983, 38 Irish prisoners led by Bobby Storey and Garry Kelly escaped from the Maze, one of the most escape-proof prisons in Europe, located on the west of Belfast.

    Chai Gap Hok’s escape – Chai Gap Hok’s escape is probably one of the most unbelievable prison escapes of all time. Choi Gap-bok, who had practiced yoga for 23 years, was arrested on suspicion of robbery in 2012 and was put in a detention cell at the police station in the city of Daegu.

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