• How to Root Google Pixel 3 / (XL) on Android Pie (9.0) [Walkthrough]

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    I am not responsible for any damage caused or any data lost. Please make sure you understand the procedure and also make backups of anything important!

    ▼ Website Link!

    Please read here for updates to this video. Your questions might already be answered here ;-).


    ▼ Timestamps!

    00:18 Intro
    00:26 Magisk
    01:14 TWRP
    01:51 More Info
    03:00 Requirements

    03:49 Visit video post before starting!

    04:08 SDK Platform Tools
    04:37 TWRP - You don't have to download the TWRP installer.
    05:39 Magisk*

    - If you can download a beta or stable version that is ≥ v17.3 you should download that instead of using the canary builds. - Otherwise, you should use the canary builds of v17.4 or greater.

    07:14 Checking our downloads

    08:54 Enabling developer options
    09:30 Enable OEM unlocking
    09:43 Backup your data

    [Bootloader Unlock]
    09:57 Reboot into Bootloader
    10:19 fastboot devices

    10:36 Check driver install video

    10:53 fastboot flashing unlock
    11:24 Reboot to Android (Start)

    [Root Preparations]
    12:28 Copy Magisk and TWRP installer zip

    13:06 Reboot into Bootloader

    13:29 [Boot TWRP image temporarily]
    13:40 fastboot devices
    13:51 fastboot boot

    [# Optional]
    15:11 Flash TWRP installer zip
    15:57 Rebooting to Recovery to check if TWRP was installed properly.
    [/ Optional]

    [Installing Magisk]
    If you can decrypt your data partition, you can follow 17:25.
    If you want to learn to sideload ZIPs in case you can't access
    you data partition, goto 16:49.

    When using TWRP 3.2.3-0 on a Pixel 3 XL, you cannot use ADB yet, so sideloading Magisk isn't an option for you just now. Please follow from 17:59. Remember to check the video's website post for any updates.

    If you want to install TWRP, you MUST flash it FIRST! Not after Magisk, before Magisk.

    [# CHOOSE ONE]
    [Sideloading Magisk]
    16:49 Sideloading Magisk
    17:25 adb sideload

    [Flashing Magisk]
    17:59 Flashing Magisk

    Reboot back to Android

    [Finishing Touches]
    19:24 Disable Automatic System Updates

    19:55 Checking out Magisk Manager
    21:00 Getting canary build updates in Magisk Manager.


    Approximately 20 minutes.
    Basic comprehensions skills.
    Ability to ask questions.


    Google USB Drivers (Windows): http://bit.ly/21kUlUP
    - Tutorial on installing drivers: https://youtu.be/Zc_dhxc8iJU

    Android SDK Platform Tools: http://bit.ly/2weoivd

    Pixel 3: https://twrp.me/google/goog...
    Pixel 3 XL: https://twrp.me/google/goog......

    Magisk: http://bit.ly/2ikrvTD
    Magisk Canary: http://bit.ly/2AJNtdF

    ▼More links!

    Vote and post suggestions for videos here on YouTube as well as the following sites:

    Website: https://squabbi.github.io/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/GDguYJ4
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/squabbi...

    Donate to me via PayPal, any donation is much appreciated :^) : https://www.paypal.me/squabbi

    Thanks to AsuraGFX for the fantastic intro: http://bit.ly/2BVm7yT

    Thanks for watching!
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