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    In this video we gonna take a look at the KRONUS modern pallet collar production with a capacity of over 6 million pallet collars per year.

    Pallet collars with sides are an easy to use packaging material, that are successfully used worldwide. Wood collars are suitable for a wide range of long term product storage.

    Very often there are different offers including pallet collars for sale. They are easy to assamble, easy to transport and take little space in storage rooms.

    Exists different crates for shipping. There are standart wooden shipping containers, special size shipping wood box, pallet wood from different materials etc.

    In a warehouse, on the road or in-between both of these processes there is always a need for efficiency and safety while different particular types of products are leaving the manufacturer to meet the customer. Pallets and pallet collars are two of the most important solutions that are used to fulfil all of the requirements of high quality product transportation.

    If you value your time and effectiveness of the work, you should collaborate with pallet suppliers and choose euro pallets, which guarantee perfect quality and benefits you get. If you find the right one, you could choose the right pallet size, the appropriate euro pallet weight, recycling wooden pallets.

    The distribution of different products in a fast and effective way is highly important in a globalised world. That's why choose the best associated pallets is so important.

    Storage and transportation are the two main parts of the process of product distribution and it is most important to turn attention on the factors that are fundamental for highly effective and fast execution of these actions. Read more about pallet lid, pallet collar hinge, new pallets, standart pallets and more and more on our website below.

    To ensure that customers and transportation service providers can do their work without being worried about how suitable are pallet collars for the products they store and transport different types of collars are available. They differ in height, size and flexibility. And for the records, it is easy to customise them to suit every needs perfectly.

    When pallet collars are not used and there are no products in this packaging it is possible to collapse them and in comparison to wooden boxes it allows to save up to more that 80% of space.

    Different types of products can be stored on pallets without the pallet collars, but they are still used in order to ensure safe multi-level both shelf and non-shelf storage which ensures warehouse optimisation.

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