• Beginners practice junk journal Tutorial part 1 | how to make the cover

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    NEW!! 🔴 Beginners PRACTICE junk journal tutorial, the objective is not to feel pressured...
    welcome to Video 1/ how to make the cover

    When you begin a Junk Journal you are supposed to enjoy it, start it, finish it, look at it, hold it in your hand and show it off!

    🔴 Get it from my online shop here, instant download...

    I offer a way for you to do that, making a journal for beginners in a day, at most maybe two days, if you’re interrupted or a slow poke like me.

    This tutorial shows you a step by step process how to make a mini practice junk journal before you try and make a full-size vintage journal.

    🔴 FAUX HINGE all NEW
    The cover has a faux hinge that makes this book much easier to make
    14:53 this explains the faux hinges

    It’s perfect for you if you feel overwhelmed or scared about getting started. But, the good thing about Junk Journals is they don’t have to be perfect yay!!! They are meant to be uneven, ripped and banged up!

    Don’t try to start with a full-size junk journal. Because it’s a good idea to be practicing your technique first, that way you’re not feeling the pressure and you’ll see the results much sooner.

    Before you begin your Junk Journal journey, I suggest you put in some practice time, do a warm-up, athletes always do a warm-up first…you know the old saying “practice makes perfect”

    To take the pressure off even more, I’m gonna show you an easy binding and how to make this mini junk journal from, tea dyed paper or plain white copy paper and recycled cardboard.
    It's a handmade junk journal that would make for a great purse junk journal

    ▶️🔘--- You are now on VIDEO #1 shows you how to make the cover

    1/ how to make the cover https://youtu.be/BDWx9meAIHQ
    2/ how to cover the cover with kraft paper https://youtu.be/ggwZRMMSEoo
    3/ how to cover the inside of the cover https://youtu.be/7XyO_iOZixU
    4/ how to prepare the pages (1 signature) https://youtu.be/RMFwbEgwd6A
    5/ how to sew in the pages (signature) to the cover https://youtu.be/-oZK9iCZojM
    -/ Whats a book Signature? https://youtu.be/_hGJOzeGKoo

    Thanks and if you have any questions please ask them or pop on over and ask to join my Facebook GROUP I'm on Australia Sydney time zone
    Cheers Donna
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    Try my practicing method of making a small, one signature, junk journal made from recycled cardboard and nonsense (random) papers for the pages.
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