• Network Marketing Professional on the Infinite Banking Concept

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    Infinite Banking review from Network Marketing Professional David Pietsch

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    0:00alright hi my name is David Pietsch and I just want to take a few minutes and
    0:03share with you my experience in working with the Founder of Living Wealth Ray
    0:08Poteet and all of his team members that work with him all across the
    0:12country heres what I can say I love you guys
    0:16thank you for all you've done for me personally and for my family and for
    0:20generations to come
    0:21in our family you know if you're looking at Ray and his office and this program i would just
    0:26tell you if you're like me you kinda reprogram your mind a little bit and I can just tell
    0:31you that I read that book over and over and over again and listen to the audio
    0:34that supplement that book literally every single day for once year while I was working out
    0:39and now Ray has got his book that he's put out there which really helps us
    0:42simplify the whole banking process and here's what I would say about banking it is something that I will
    0:48teach my children they're going to of course do it I will teach mt children the bible and I will teach them banking my children will teach them making and I
    0:55really think that's about all they're going to need to know because this program that we
    1:00have started has a tremendous benefit to them when I die but the reality is that
    1:06benefit that we enjoy right now while we are living as far as an investment
    1:12what we do is not an investment it's a process ir's a strategy and you've got to reprogram your brain to how this all works but really truly nothing compares
    1:20with it that's out there when you really just look at the numbers of what it is that
    1:24we're doing I mean oh my goodness it's guaranteed the numbers that we're playing with here
    1:28are certain so I sleep better at night and I feel comfortable telling people about this concept
    1:35because they can't get hurt they would have to really really really be stupid
    1:40to not make this work so you know I would say this if you're looking for
    1:43people who have integrity people that are willing to go way way way above and
    1:49they would ever need to they do it they'll hold your hand through the entire process like me when I started I had
    1:54lots of questions they can answer your questions too you know for all of us I
    1:58think we're just looking for the truth there's so much confusion out there as
    2:02to what to do with their money this is just a rock solid plan that look
    2:07theres a lot of people out there that say they understand what this program is and I'm just here to tell you they don't and they're not qualified to
    2:13teach you how to do it I believe with all of my heart that Ray is the best guy in
    2:18the world and the people to work with him are the most organized professional and they
    2:23understand it better than all the other people they're out there too that is
    2:26high praise but I promise you I believe that with all my heart
    2:29because I have experienced it we've been doing this for along time and it has absolutely changed our
    2:35life so for you you know maybe you've got some sort of financial knowledge maybe or
    2:40even some sort of financial person here's what I would say to you humble yourself don't
    2:45be like me see I saw this program and I prejudged it because my ego my bank
    2:51accounts and i've wasted use that I could have been doing this program
    2:54that's the biggest financial mistake that I have made if you knew this and how it
    3:00you would already be doing it I want you to understand this no matter what it is that you do you
    3:03can do all sorts of things out there but you would be doing this too so my advice
    3:08would be for all of us let's be teachable let's the coachable let's look at this
    3:13program for what it really is because I think for most people if you're like me I read
    3:16that book so many times then all of a sudden it just went ah ha you're going to have that moment too if you
    3:22really dive into this and understand what this can do for you and your family so staff and
    3:27Ray Living Wealth we love you guys we appreciate you and thanks again for all you've done for us Show less
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