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    Hello, hello. This is Trevor Mickelsen and I help healers embrace prosperity from the fifth dimension and beyond! And welcome to my YouTube channel. So this is going to be a very interesting place. One, first and foremost, if you didn't know that you're a healer - well, you are! The first mission here in your life is to heal yourself, then to go back and heal your traumas in past lives and the lineage of your family, then it is to go out and heal the world!

    We as healers have taken a vow of poverty for the last ten thousand lifetimes or more, and probably in this lifetime. You've probably taken on all the burden and all the baggage and all the should's and the shames and "Money is bad, money is evil" and "If you're going to be good, you can't have money" type of mind set, right? That breeds the lack, the scarcity, the doubt, the fear, the frustration, the empty bank accounts and literally leaving you with a chakra system that is completely grey - and I would say a dark, black, flaming, succubus type of energy, that goes through your chakra systems when you talk about money.

    So, healer - you might be out there and connecting with somebody with some awesome Reiki energy and doing Marconics or connecting with them on a heart center conversation. You might be a hairstylist. You might be an Uber driver. You might be a teacher. You might be the star child out there that is spreading that is spreading their goodness all around and helping people with relationships, helping them with their kids, helping them be a better driver, helping them be a better person and raise to the fifth dimension and beyond; for this collective consciousness movement that we're going through - and then, the conversation comes to money and everything changes.

    "It's not possible", "We can't", "You should", "I have to", "I don't think I can" and, what happens healer, you shut you chakra system down completely. It becomes this black vortex of pain that continues to perpetuate the negative patterns of energy, that has continued from generation to generation to generation and that is the energy that you're passing on - whether you know it or not - and your clients are coming to you for a few things and the number one, the number two or the number three thing that they want to achieve in their life - one of them is going to be money.

    When you look at money traumas, money pain, money issues... is it causing complete catastrophe in our world wherever you look; an amazing contrast that you say "Holy shit! I really don't prefer what's going on there" and if we only had enough money to change the direction of the focus of the corporations to follow good money and good direction to save our oceans, to save our air, to save the mountain ranges, to save the forests, to save our children from being passed around and sex slavery and these industries that focus and they prey upon our children, they prey upon our minds.
    They put us in a fear and lack and doubt and desperation mind set and all of this, ladies and gentlemen, all of this can all be transitioned and trans-mutated because for generations, since the beginning of time, money has been bad and demonized and really, that is not the case.

    Money is just energy, and like anything else, I pick up this phone and I put bad "juju" into it - it will break [Laughs] It will collapse. It will fly off the roof. Somewhere, some way, some how - it will blow up, it will stop working, it'll glitch out and it will die. That's what healers are doing, is they're consistently putting in negative vibrations, negative thought patterns, negative belief systems that aren't truly even theirs because we came into this life fully funded, folks!

    And God, The Universe, Source, Spirit, Consciousness said "Hey, just like universal intelligence that is within a seed, that same intelligence is within you" and when that seed gets planted - right? - sperm, egg, implantation - that universal abundance, prosperity, opulence, freedom, joy and love was all created and then society got a hold of you and said "Money is bad", "Money is evil", "Money is this", "Money is that", "Money doesn't grow on trees", "You have to work hard in order to make money". Right? All of these negative things... "Filthy rich", "Don't pick up that dirty money on the ground", right?

    Not exactly. Money is energy and when you first can understand the energetics of money and how it works in your own life what you'll see is money will join you because you will be a good steward to it; because most individuals either focus on that 3D side of money - "You've got to budget!" - Fearful tactics! "You've got to save! The future is coming, right? You've got to plan!

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