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    To buy Aquinelle or learn more about flushable wipes environmental damages, visit…


    Instantly transform any toilet tissue into a fresh experience. The fresh way to get going…and love the environment.

    Aquinelle is better and safer for our environment. Flushable wipes are a problem for every State in the Nation. Over 10 Million dollars spent for cleanup in New York alone.
    Learn more about flushable wipes environmental damage at https://www.facebook.com/Aq......

    Our soothing, dermatologist-tested mist instantly transforms ordinary toilet tissue into a remarkable cleansing experience. You can’t shower, wash your hands, or brush your teeth without moisture, so why would you want to, you know, with dry toilet tissue?

    Simply spray Aquinelle onto ordinary, folded toilet tissue, and you’ll leave the bathroom squeaky clean and perfectly comfortable.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    - Does Aquinelle moisturize?
    - How do I use Aquinelle?
    - Does Aquinelle work with any toilet tissue?
    - Aquinelle smells great, can I drink it?
    - How long does a bottle last?
    - Where can I buy Aquinelle?
    - How long will it take my Aquinelle to get here?

    Learn more at http://aquinelle.com/faq.ht......

    This video was created by Ackermania Creative (http://ackermaniacreative.com/) for Aquinelle. The responses were not scripted.

    For press inquiries:
    Aquinelle: info@aquinelle.com
    Ackermania Creative: joel@ackermaniacreative.com

    Directed by Joel Ackerman
    Producers: Joel Ackerman, Jay P. Morgan, Julene Morgan
    Director of Photography: Jay P. Morgan
    Editor: Travis Eberhard
    Aquinelle Girl: Bekka Prewitt

    The fresh way to get going…and love the environment. Show less
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