• If the Bible is Word of God WHY is it Regulated by Men?

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    I am NOT making this video to discredit the Bible or to discourage anyone from reading the Bible. I believe in the words of JESUS, they are recorded in the Bible. But I am making this video to expose to you the hypocrisy in the Christian church today. See, the Christians have MANY different Bibles, and every Bible they call the Word of God, their version also claims to be the infallible word of God. But the interesting thing is, if you look at the first few pages of your Bible you will find the copyright, when it was written and the publisher, you will also find the regulations of how much of the Bible (THE WORD OF GOD) you can quote without getting into trouble. I want to give you an example: This is an NIV version, and I read to you part of the copyright. “The NIV text may be quoted in any form (written, visual, electronic or audio) up to and inclusive of five hundred, (500) verses without express written permission of the publisher. Providing the verses quoted do not amount a complete book of the Bible, nor do the verses quoted account for 25% or more of the total text of the work in which they are quoted.” So I want to ask you. If the Bible really is the infallible Word of GOD, HOW is it then being regulated by publishers? How is it being regulated by the Church culture? If it’s really GOD Himself who is speaking, they WHY IS GOD LIMITED? How are MEN controlling GOD? Is that not the finest hypocrisy you have seen? See, Jesus HIMSELF is the Word of GOD, NOT THE BIBLE. He cannot be manipulated and controlled by men as the Bible is. The Bible has words that are recorded that Jesus said, but it also has many other words in it that have NOTHING to do with Jesus. Some are what the people wrote in there about the copyright, other stuff is stuff that got in there that a scribe wrote that doesn’t belong. Many of the words are words that Satan spoke; it’s not the word of GOD but the word of the devil. Other words are the words of men, words that men spoke that gave their opinion. BUT it is true, there ARE words that the Lord Jesus spoke, that GOD Himself spoke that is recorded in the Bible. And if you DO read your Bible and believe it, you would come to JESUS because you would believe that HE IS THE TRUE WORD OF GOD and that HE HIMSELF IS HOLY AND PURE not the Bible. See, the Bible has been polluted and used for all kinds of witchcraft. The churches use the Bible to justify SIN, others us it to justify polygamy, they use it to justify all sorts of things, you name it. But if truly you ARE led by the Holy Spirit you just follow HIM and HE makes you HOLY and righteous! You become holy and righteous by OBEYING HIM, not reading the Bible. So, is YOUR heart REALLY with JESUS today? Or are you like those in the Christian church who are using the Bible for their OWN purpose to manipulate others and are controlling the word of God? May the grace of Jesus be with you. Show less
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