• 6 of My Cars in 1 Big Truck!

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    It's time to take 6 of my cars from London to Amsterdam for IAMS and that means loading them all into one big truck! With the new GTC4Lusso and Mountune RS joining the Senna, Ford GT, 675LT and GT8 on our display stand, that means moving them all from one country to another in a single transporter.

    Starting off in London, where sadly the AMG GT R is staying behind this time around, I head over to the car storage in my Ford Focus RS fresh from its engine upgrades at Mountune. It's then a case of packing and preparing each car into the truck; loaded with covers and trickle chargers; empty tanks of fuel and cleaned to be on show. Loading the cars in order there are a lot of startups to be heard we start off with the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, then the Aston Martin Vantage GT8 - the noisiest pairing of the bunch. Next up it's the McLaren 675LT Spider and the RS, before we finally load the McLaren Senna and Ford GT at the rear.

    Fast forward two nights, during which I've flown off to film another video coming soon, and we're in the Dutch capital to unload at RAI Amsterdam and put the cars onto the stand. With the whole process being reversed from the Smink Autotransport truck and into the show with a small teaser of some of the other cars that are going to be in attendance as well.

    The IAMS Amsterdam Motorshow will be running until Sunday, with Shmeetings on Thursday and Friday at 18:00, and Saturday at 11:00. The cars will remain throughout and you can get your tickets now here: https://bit.ly/2GlNfxj

    Thanks for watching, Tim

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