• Pigeon Shooting & Dove Hunting in South Africa High Volume March - April 2019.

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    Pigeon Shooting & Dove Hunting in South Africa High Volume March - April 2019.

    2019 Prices Below:-

    £650 LHR to JHB return Sunday to Sunday flights (prices may fluctuate depending on availability )
    £175 per person per day or
    £1050 shooting & accommodation full board & free bar, for 2 half & 5 full days
    £200 per person, Johannesburg airport transfer return to one of our lodges.
    £120 Gun hire for 6 days per person.
    £320 per 1000 / 28 gram, No 7.5 trap or £480 per 1000 / 32 gram, No 3 & 4 game cartridges.

    Approximate price including the first 1000 trap cartridges only £2'340 per person, this price is based on the above costings!

    No hidden extras!

    “Wing shooters Attention” South Africa, Famous for the year round Wing-Shooting on Rock Pigeon and Dove Shooting, birds flock in their thousands to the sunflower and maize fields. Species available to shoot between March to April include: Rock Pigeons and Doves - Argentina pigeon shooting
    £150 deposit to secure your booking.

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    What is the difference between pigeon shooting in the United Kingdom, Argentina or South Africa.
    The type of quarry is the main difference they are all pigeons or doves but they have many different characteristics that are specific to each species.
    First and most popular method of shooting wood pigeons is over decoys on the arable lands in Great Britain.
    The second method of shooting wood pigeons is via wood-pigeons flight lines which is an invisible map of roads in the sky, that would-pigeons follow, they will use different flight lines depending on wind conditions, time of year and crop rotations e.g. their respective feeding areas.
    For decoying pigeons 28 gram No 5 shot would be my preference.
    First barrel as a pigeon is landing in your kill zone would be quarter choke second barrel should be full choke for birds of the leaving your decoying area and not showing any vital target where a higher shot density is needed to kill a going away bird at distance.
    Cartridges for flightline shooting
    32 gram No 4
    first barrel half choke second barrel full choke.
    Barrel length should be appropriate to the size of the person shooting however 30 or 32 inch barrels on a gum that has been balanced by placing leading the stock will move swiftly but steadily for those long-range shots as well as decoying pigeons.

    High-volume pigeon shooting South Africa

    Dove shooting in Cordoba Argentina
    Decoying is rarely used in Argentina because of the sheer volume of brown eared doves.
    Brown eared Dove of Argentina will take a straight line from A to B and will not deviate or jink this makes for a much easier target, the doves in Argentina are very flattering on your shooting.
    All that is required to bring one of these dubs down to earth as a single pallet.
    The cartridges used are a standard clay load.
    21 or 24 gram No 71/2
    1/4 or 1/2 usually shot from a semiauto shotgun given you only one option to chokes.
    Semiauto is with light clay loads enable the hunter to shoot many thousands of cartridges per day without having the discomfort too much recall from your shotgun.
    Pigeon shooting South Africa
    Rock pigeons are predominantly shot via incoming flight line in the morning and by an outward bound flight line in the afternoon there is a crossover period of approximately one hour at midday where the inbound and outbound lines are at peak and your biggest problem is knowing which way to look.
    The speckled pigeon or more commonly known as rock pigeon as a flying characteristic like no other pigeon in the world.
    The pigeons will flight into the field anything from 4 feet off the ground to 300 feet up they will very often slide with the wind and upon the first shot fired at them will drop to the ground like a stone jinking and turning as they do so making it virtually impossible to get a well-aimed second shot off.
    The average speed of an incoming bird is 80 km/h with the average return line home approximately 40 km/h
    rock pigeons will decoy nicely to a pattern of birds laid out on the ground or on top of some flowerheads in the arable lands in the orange free state in South Africa.
    Rock pigeons although much easier when decoying still coming to land at full throttle and make for a very challenging target.
    Large bags of speckled pigeons/rock pigeons can be achieved within a short period of time in South Africa.
    28 gram No 5 or 6 shot however 32 gram No 4 do the job very well for these armour plated rock pigeons.
    first barrel 3/4 second barrel full choke.
    The best time of the year to shoot high volume rock pigeons is March and April with reasonable numbers of pigeons still flying until July. Show less
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