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  • 7 - Nothing We Can't Handlock

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    HANDLOCK! In case you can't tell from the episode name, or the episode artwork, or the fact that I just yelled "Handlock", this episode largely discusses Bryan's crucial question: "How the heck do I play Handlock?" Meanwhile, Andres dives deep discussing the idea of teching cards and adapting your deck while Billy ponders about what a 2v2 mode could mean for Hearthstone. We celebrate our first iTunes review, discuss the exciting potential of a moddable Hearthstone, and much more on this giant-filled episode of Hearthaholics!


    Bryan's Handlock decklist: http://gyazo.com/b0efcb3127......
    LiquidHearth Power Ranks: http://www.liquidhearth.com......
    Funny Picture of a Gnome: http://www.blogcdn.com/wow.......

    We had fun making this episode and hope you enjoy it! If not feel free to yell at us through any of the following mediums:

    Twitter: @Hearthaholics

    Andres: @IplaiGames
    Bryan: @LordMeldorr
    Billy: @BBrawly

    Email: hearthaholics@gmail.com

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/cha......

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pa......

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/al......

    Our theme song is Let the Hunt Begin, arranged by Masseve.
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      Check out the revamped Hearthaholics coming soon!
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    • 4 - Tournaments and the Conquest Format - Duration: 1 hour, 12 minutes.

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      Bryan has always been a bit confused about the Hearthstone tournament scene. This mostly comes from the fact that he hasn't watched many tournaments, and thus is pretty clueless about the upcoming ...
    • 3 - Beginners Guide Part 3: Predicting the Unpredictable - Duration: 1 hour, 25 minutes.

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      This is it! The climax! The finale! The omega! The terminus! The coup de grace! The swan song! The denouement! The last part of our 3-part Beginner's Guide! This week we focus on the last great fun...
    • 2 - Beginner's Guide Part 2: Deck Archetypes - Duration: 1 hour, 37 minutes.

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      After Part 1 of our guide you should have a pretty good understanding of the fundamentals of Hearthstone. (It would do wonders for our self-esteem if this is indeed the case!) The next question is:...
    • 1 - Beginner's Guide Part 1: Core Concepts - Duration: 1 hour, 8 minutes.

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      The Hearthaholics have returned! Andres and Bryan are back and ready to teach some fools (aka, intelligent and open-minded listeners!) some Hearthstone! Join us for the inaugural episode of our ne...
    • Hearthaholics #26 - the Secret Weapon - Duration: 1 hour, 39 minutes.

      • 3 years ago
      Billy's out this week, but guesting in his absence is friend of the show and fellow podcaster Rob May! As a recent graduate of Legend University (home to the famed LU Leper Gnomes; go team!), Rob h...
    • Hearthaholics #25 - Gone Fishing - Duration: 39 minutes.

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      Scheduling got rough this week, but in a heroic effort to put something up, Andres and Bryan banded together to deliver a mini-episode that's actually pretty good! It's mostly just a relaxing chat ...
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      It's been awhile since our last guest, and much our surprise and delight, someone agreed to come onto the show! And that someone happens to be Noxious: prolific Hearthstone enthusiast, caster of AT...
    • #23 - Hearthaholics: Why No Reach, Bro? - Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes.

      • 3 years ago
      Things get deep this week as we ruminate upon the philosophical mysteries of Hearthstone. What are the ramifications of Power Creep? Will the constant and frequent addition of new content eventuall...
    • #22 - Hearthaholics: The Happy Duck - Duration: 1 hour, 24 minutes.

      • 3 years ago
      There's much to celebrate this week! Fellow Hearthstone podcast The Angry Chicken is celebrating its 100th episode, Andres is back, and Bryan no longer hates Hearthstone! The Hearthaholics take adv...
    • #21 - Hearthaholics: Information Overload - Duration: 1 hour, 19 minutes.

      • 3 years ago
      With Andres out on assignment (aka, battling against a demonic invasion for the good of the realm), Billy and Bryan take it slow, recovering after the craziness that has been The Grand Tournament's...
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