• Comedian Laura Lexx on…Dating (with IBS)

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    Comedian Laura Lexx talks about her experience of IBS in a hilarious stand-up series. Brought to you by Imodium® IBS Relief.

    In Episode 1, Laura Lexx talks about the highs and lows of 'Dating with IBS'. For further comedy, watch Episode 2 to share in Laura's trials and tribulations of being 'Out and About (with IBS)' , and Episode 3 to revel in Laura's tales of 'Eating with IBS'. For advice on IBS visit http://www.ibs-symptoms.co.uk. IMODIUM® IBS Relief provides fast, effective relief from IBS diarrhoea within one hour, allowing you to take control of your symptoms, and take back control of your day.

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    Find out about Laura Lexx's real life experience with IBS as well as being a comedian! View how some ibs sufferers manage their symptoms including tips on treatment, IBS diet and lifestyle! Visit www.ibs-symptoms.co.uk for more information on IBS.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (or IBS) is a sporadic and unpredictable disruption of the digestive system. Everyone suffers the odd upset, but if you experience one or more of these symptoms regularly, it may be an indication of IBS: Stomach Cramps, Bloating, Wind, Diarrhoea and Constipation. IBS can be triggered by stress, illness or diet.

    IMODIUM® contains Loperamide. Always read the label.
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  • Do you suffer from frequent diarrhoea? Play all

    Find out how Diarrhoea can effect your life and how to treat effectively. Get useful tips and advice on how to manage your diarrhoea from food advice on how to maintain a healthy gut to yoga exercise videos on how to stay healthy.

    Up to one in ten people could suffer from diarrhoea on a frequent basis – 4 or more times in a 6 month period. Everyone is familiar with the occasional bout of diarrhoea, but some people suffer more frequently. Typically episodes of diarrhoea clear up within a few days, but can last longer. Longer lasting or persistently recurrent diarrhoea can indicate an underlying medical condition, so you may need to consult your doctor. There are many factors which can trigger frequent diarrhoea e.g. stress, diet, IBS or even a travel bug (viral/bacterial infection).
    Some people just let a bout of diarrhoea run its course, but why leave it untreated when you can relieve diarrhoea, get on with your day, and help reduce the loss of fluids and salts that can leave you feeling weak and tired.

    You can use IMODIUM® to help relieve your diarrhoea symptoms fast within one hour.

    Try IMODIUM® Instants - the fastest dissolving tablets for effective on the go diarrhoea relief. They dissolve instantly on your tongue, with no need to take with water. They are specially designed to provide fast relief when you’re on the go.

    Watch a quick guide with Dr Christian Jessen who looks at ways in which you can manage Diarrhoea; including finding relief from Diarrhoea and help preventing suffering in the first place.

    *Dr Christian does not endorse any brands.

    IMODIUM® Original capsules, IMODIUM® Classic capsules, IMODIUM® Instants, IMODIUM® Instant melts, IMODIUM® Liquicaps and IMODIUM® Softgels contain loperamide and IMODIUM® Plus Comfort Tablets contain loperamide and simeticone to relieve diarrhoea. Always read the label.
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