• History of Halo

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    Join BootHammer we take a look Halo, one of the best sci-fi shooters found on consoles. We have take clips from its first appearance on the Xbox up to the preview footage of Halo 5: Guardians on Xbox One. It has been a fantastic journey so far fighting the covenant, flood and Prometheans. The series continues to grow more impressive with every release. The future looks very bright for the franchise and Master Chief.

    Music used in video: The Best of Epic Music 2012 - 20 tracks - 1-hour Full Cinematic | EpicMusicVn


    - SkyWorld - Two Steps From Hell
    - Kara Kul - Mark Petrie
    - For The Win - Two Steps From Hell
    - Tree of Life - Audiomachine
    - Becoming A Legend - John Dreamer

    Intro and credit music by Dexter Britain - The Time To Run (Finale) Show less
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      Mods: Golf R (DSG) - JB1 Stage 1 5.0,
      VWR Springs,
      Spullen Spacers, Maxton
      Design Lip

      Mods: Challenger R/T (6spd)
      Flowmaster Outlaw Series,
      Custom Quad tips, K&N CAI, ...
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      BootHammer productions is happy to present the debut trailer for "Death Cabin".

      Music used in video but not owned by BootHammer.com:

      Universal Explorer - X-Ray Dog
      Rise of the Avenger - ...
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