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    Austin Collie: Things would get frustrating, right; I'd be very forgetful.

    Leah: It just kind of brought me down in school, and everything, like I can't really think, problem-solving - stuff like that has been really hard for me, some memory.

    Anita: The room started to spin on me, and I realized that it was more serious than I had anticipated.

    Dr. Alina K. Fong: It's so much more serious than just a hit to the head or a sprained ankle. We're talking about a brain injury, and your brain affects every part of who you are.

    Austin Collie: I was symptom free but I didn't address the weaknesses, or the effects of my concussions by putting it through exercises or rehabbing it. Really, there was nothing out there that offered the type of rehabilitation that this place offers.

    Dr. Alina K. Fong: Our patients often come to us because they haven't gotten better, or they've been told just wait it out. We've done everything we can for you, now just deal with it, or let's figure out how to help you compensate.

    Dr. Mark D. Allen: The party line was that, if you have a brain injury, you're going to get a little bit better but that's it. Wherever you are, that's where you're going to be the rest of your life and that idea has been completely turned on its head.

    Leah: Just a couple days after I was here, I felt so much more energy and my brain was more sharp.

    Dr. Alina K. Fong: We are guided by a very unique imaging protocol that allows me to understand the brain and understand what the brain can take, when to exert it and when not to exert it; when to allow that brain the proper amount of stress and rest.

    Austin Collie: So I came to cognitive effects for treatment because really there was nothing out there that offered the type of rehabilitation that this place offers.

    Dr. Alina K. Fong: It is a very intense treatment that usually lasts about a week. It begins and ends with a functional NCI of the brain and that functional NCI allows me to target your treatment and over the course of the week, we put you through a series of different modalities including cognitive therapy, occupational therapy, vestibular ocular therapy, psychotherapy if need be, nutrition, sleep education, balance, dizziness.
    At the end of your treatment, you also get another functional which shows how much you have improved.

    Anita: I had an awakening, and my brain just opened up.

    Bonnie: I feel like it's helped me in ways that no one else has been able to; it also helped me with my memory. Things are gradually getting back to normal.

    Austin Collie: Now, it comes naturally. I don't have to force to memorize things. I don't have to really think hard about things, they just kind of automatically get locked up in the mind vault.

    Dr. Alina K. Fong: A healthy brain can actually respond much better, much faster to intensified treatment and so what I realized was gosh what if we can push this brain with very specific treatments; can we possibly get the same results in less time? And we found that we can actually produce the same results in one week that may take four months in another setting or not occur in another setting, because of the way that we do this, in the way that we understand the brain.

    Leah: Well this has changed my life so dramatically. Now, I can play sports and things that I haven't been able to do like my schoolwork and like I know, it sounds crazy- one week, but really it's true.

    Austin Collie: You'll notice an immediate difference after the treatment and it'll only get better as you continue going through the rehab, and going through the protocol that Dr. Fong gives you.

    Bonnie: The week I spent here, I just was happy and feeling like I was making so much progress, and feeling like I was excited again about life.

    Leah: My experience here has been really good. The staff just treated me so nice.

    Anita: I am very happy. They are very considerate.

    Bonnie: I feel like the staff here treats me like a friend and that they are so kind and positive, and they're concerned about me.

    Austin Collie: Did any of you feel that you're a little bit slower, you are a little bit foggier, you can't put your finger on it, I definitely recommend Cognitive FX and the treatments that go along with it.

    Dr. Alina K. Fong: So if you are struggling with a brain injury, if you have been told that there's nothing else that can be done, I urge you to come and talk to me. Come in for a consultation, see if you're a candidate for this treatment.

    Learn more about Cognitive FX on our website: http://www.cognitivefxusa.c...

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