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    ARGOS by CEMB is the clampless wheel alignment that measures toe and camber in less than 5 seconds.
    CEMB Wheel alignment Argos: in just 5 seconds, compared to the average of 2:30 minutes, performs a measurement of toe and camber angles, without having to mount targets or sensors on the wheels and without having to get out of car.
    Simply entering the Argos working area with the vehicle, in just 5 seconds, also thanks to the automatic pre-selection of the vehicle’s specs, the operator gets a detailed report of wheel alignment status. During the ascent of vehicle onto the lift, ARGOS automatically activates the measuring cycle and, thanks to the four cameras, provides an immediate support for the optimal vehicle positioning.
    Argos can be combined to any kind of lift of any brand, even if not leveled. As it has no moving parts it is free from obstructions and obstacles and allows the operator to work in complete freedom, security and speed.

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    CEMB wheel balancing machines constitute a wide range of innovative and patented solutions, recognizable for their capability to combine excellent balancing performances, robustness and ease of use.

    From 1946 CEMB invests in continuous and constant innovation, through the exploitation of the synergy coming from the interaction between the industrial division and the garage division, which makes CEMB unique in the world.

    The excellent performances of every CEMB wheel balancer are the result of the special attention given to the creation of any component of the machine: all the parts influencing the quality of our balancing machines, indeed, are manufactured inside the company’s factory, through the use of machineries which are expressly developed for this purpose and using the most accurate tolerances on the market. In this way CEMB guarantees extreme accuracy of balance always repeatable.

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    CEMB provides a full range of wheel aligners, characterized by high technological content, which guarantees a quick, accurate, easy and trustworthy wheel alignment.

    The wide range of products provides effective solutions fitting all the contexts of use: wheel alignment machines for cars, motorcycles, trucks and hybrids, which can be declined in a wide range of models developed for a workshop use exploiting the newest technology.

    In this way CEMB guarantees at the same time optimal wheel alignment, ease of use -thanks to the classic CEMB intuitive and userfriendly interface- and compact and ergonomic design.

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  • Tire Changers Play all

    CEMB has played a pioneering role in the field of tyre changers, thanks to the creation of the revolutionary bead-breaker system with rollers in the 60s. In early 80’s CEMB built a tyre changer/balancer combo named “Jolly”.

    Today CEMB offers a full range of models in order to provide the best solutions for any need of the customer: whether you are looking for a tyre changing machine for car, morcycle, truck, bus, tractor or earth moving, CEMB has right the product for you.

    All the CEMB tyre changers – semiautomatic, automatic, leverless – are characterized by a robust and compact structure, in order to guarantee extreme handiness. These characteristics, together with the high technological content, make CEMB tyre mounting machines the ideal solution for the professional.

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    CEMB is the only company in the world active both in the garage sector and in the industrial one. In almost seventy years of continuous and constant technical innovation, more than a hundred patents have been registered, as a result of the precious experiences collected in these two sectors.
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